Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Happy 

Happy Duke and Bonnie!

We may be glad to see the end of snow, but the dogs sure liked it a lot!

Happy anniversary!

Happy, with dogs



28 thoughts on “HAPPY FACES

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      • It poured here yesterday too. The sun is out at the moment but the wind is blowing the barbecue around on the deck. I think they mentioned it was going to snow tonight. I’m having a hard time smiling about that…..


          • Marilyn it is so cold that Peter is still wearing his long-johns. The forecast is not good either. We’ll probably go from winter directly into summer at some point.


            • It’s so cold HERE that the ants stayed home! And it’s opening day at Fenway, so it’s going to be a very chilly season opener. Yes, it’s going to be a cold spring. Summer will arrive after lunch in the middle of May. We don’t really GET spring as a season around here. Long winter, long summer, great autumn … but spring lasts four hours between breakfast and lunch sometime in the middle of May.

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              • Our son has been out to see several Jays games already. They didn’t start out well but seem to be pulling it together now. I would imagine they kept the dome closed. I don’t know for sure so I’ll ask him.


    • No one but Garry reads my posts, so no one knows what I post. Kaity is okay as long as she likes the pictures, Garry is a ham and my son is cool as long as he doesn’t look too fat. The dogs just want another biscuit.


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