I started reading through this and realized despite having written in more than a year ago, it’s just as true now as it was then. Somehow, I would have hoped we’d have … oh, I don’t know. Impeached Trump? Convicted a few of his more toxic adherents? Something, anyhow. But here we are, essentially right where we were a year ago last November.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

It was pointed out to me this morning that there’s a lot we don’t know about the people who came before us.

How — why — they dressed and spoke and related to each other as people in their society. We are fuzzy about a lot of cultural material and mostly, we take our best guess as to what they were thinking as they lived from one day to the next in whatever capacity they lived it.

We have no clue about how our great-grandfather confessed his love to great-grandmother. We don’t know the words they used, or their tone of voice. We don’t know if their moment of passion happened at all. We don’t know because they left no evidence for us. They spoke differently, yet surely they held the same emotions we do — and we base all our fiction on that assumption. But of course, we…

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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      1. When I think about the lives of my grandparents and my parents I realize that each period in time had its difficulties. These times are our difficulties. I’m sure that during the second world war everyone was horrified about what went on. I have a diary written by mother and she talks about her everyday life but she also talks about the battles that were going on overseas, battles that her brothers (my uncles) were taking part in. It must have been terrible. One could easily feel that the world was coming to an end then.


        1. Life has easier and harder times. I’m sure any big war has a lot of misery attached to it. It’s a war. People die. A LOT of people die and other people do the killing. But what’s going on now is less the kind of misery of war and much more like a giant stress balloon has engulfed us.

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