It has been a cold spring. This is not, despite all the complaining, particularly unusual. Spring weather in New England is notoriously unstable and it’s not unusual for the weather to also be surprisingly cold. We’ve had a few very warm springs too.

It will stay cold and cold and cold and we’ll get a little snow here and there — which will melt off almost immediately — and then, suddenly, in about three weeks, it will turn into a perfect spring.

Perfect spring will last about 4 hours, after which, it’s time to install your air conditioners because suddenly, it’s summer.

It’s like this most years, except when it’s exactly the opposite. Spring weather is erratic. Why is everyone making such a fuss about it? I too would like to see some lovely spring flowers but spring isn’t a real “season” in this region. Mostly, it’s a few hours between winter and summer.

Fellow New Englanders! Give us a break! It would have been nice to have the baseball spring opening day a little less chilly, but it is what it is.

Get used to it already. Sheesh!


    • We spent the day being away from home because they were poisoning everything. We put the dogs in day care at the vet, picked up prescriptions here and there, picked up odds and ends at grocery, went to mall and got Garry’s watch fixed — finally — and we were too tired to even breathe by the time we got back to pick up the dogs. Garry suggested that Duke drive, but Duke said he didn’t have a license (but he was willing to give it a try).

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      • chuckle…I can just see that “know it all” Duke at the wheel.
        BTW they had the dome closed for the Blue Jays games. The weather was just too cold and unpredictable.


      • Duke had the look of a road rage ringer just itching to get behind the wheel. Later, I told him he needed to take driving lessons and get a license. He just gave me that Duke “Oh yeah?” look.

        Duke probably would be a great wheel man for bank heists.


  1. Spring is late here as well. In Hardy, it rains, hails, sleets, snows, and suns all in one day, and the next day, it’s summer. Where I am now, it did the same, two days ago which should herald spring as that’s what happens here. Still, no sign of spring, it’s very cold -14 – 8 which isn’t exactly spring weather, lol. Ah well, we’ll enjoy it all the more when it happens. A little hummingbird made an appearance over a week ago, and was back yesterday. I hope he’s trying to tell us something like spring’s on the way! lol

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  2. I’ve been to a few ballgames where the temperature was 40 or below, and it makes me wonder what level of crazy football fans must be to sit through a three hour game in weather well below freezing. 40 degrees is pretty chilly, but a few hours in it isn’t going to kill you, unless the game is boring. Watching football when the windchill is well below 0 is either really dedicated or really, really stupid. That’s why they invented TV….

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    • Garry and I had a long conversation about being fans of baseball. We are baseball fans. We just like baseball. Of course we also like the Red Sox, but we like the game for itself, too. We will watch any game if we are in the mood for baseball. But in football, we are just Patriots fans. We will never tune in football just because there’s a game on.

      REAL football fans will go through hell to watch games. I think they are totally crackers, personally. We only went to ONE early spring game at Fenway and we FROZE. Never did that again. And these days, with the prices at Fenway? We watch on TV — when we can. We are blacked out from most games, too because we don’t have the more expensive cable package! Even the DISH customers can’t get local games.

      That is not only bad sports, it’s bad business.


    • Squirrel, in the early 70’s when I was a young Clark Kent TV News Reporter, I usta to cover Fenway Park home openers with just a sports jacket. Partially because we had those jackets with the station logo on the breast pocket. We had marching orders to wear them for all on camera work. We were ads for the TV station. I usta think it was cool in those days. Quickly changed my mind when I felt like a hooker working the street with station logo clothing.

      I also thought it was “believable” to look like it was warm for beisbol’s return so I went along with the sports jacket look. FAKE! Frequently froze the family jewels and other body parts as I did my on camera thing, complete with phony smile and happy-go-lucky persona. On the flip side, it was great to be up close for the home opener which I’d only seen on TV in earlier years.

      This year, I felt sorry for the TV “talent” standing live on camera for home openers with temps in the 20’s and 30’s. Hey, it’s show biz! Ya gotta give people the glamour and image. Reporters are like paper towels, quickly replaceable.


  3. We had a sleet shower this morning, but nothing dramatic. Seems to me everything is a little upsidedown with the weather this year. I blame it on the politicians, but is it the Russians or Donald Trump.

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    • I think the problem is humans doing evil things to the planet. But it’s also … just the weather. A cold spring is not so weird around here. Maybe it’s different in your region, but typically, spring doesn’t really happen. We go from winter to summer and spring is a calendar thing, but really, it’s just the end of winter until the middle of May.

      Probably the Russians.


      • We have a good Spring when it arrives , but you can never be sure of it. It would be pleasant to go out at the moment but we get the so-called April showers in between.


        • It was beautiful today — but COLD and WINDY. And we had to be out of the house because of the poisoners killing off everything. Everyone is exhausted — even the dogs. We’ve going to visit Tom and Ellin for a long weekend and I’m so tired I can barely breathe. I think it was lifting and hauling the dogs in and out of the back of the car. Thirty pounds per dog. That’s a lot of hauling and lifting for me.

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