As we get older, birthdays are less refreshing and less like a hope for the future. So I thought I might offer you a poem slightly more relevant than the usual love poem. Something to which we can both relate.

A little poem for our future. Together.

But on a good day, on a warm, dry day … suddenly, we feel downright peppy and we can move around just like we used to!

Think Arizona! Think summer without humidity! Thing young because you will always be young to me.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

54 thoughts on “FOR GARRY AT 76”

    1. (Marilyn on Garry’s computer) — Garry has favorite pictures and he is not happy if I use pictures he doesn’t like. I bow to my mate. But he does look amazingly good. They actually checked his age to make sure he was entitled to a “senior discount” at the grocery store the other day. How cool is that?


      1. Very cool… I sometimes wish they’d check mine… for anything 😉 (Except at the supermarket where they are obliged to ask for ID unless, according to their sign, the buyer is ‘obviously over age’. I’d quite like to meet the person who write that… 😉 )

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    1. (Marilyn on Garry’s computer) — I’m using the same pictures 🙂 But he really doesn’t look his age. I think he feels it, though. He’s still, all things considered, a very healthy guy and he might just make it to 100 yet!

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        1. Evelyne, I was given a “surprise” birthday party by Marilyn and our old friends, Ellin and Tom. It was low key and absolutely wonderful. Yes, it WAS a surprise. But they didn’t have enough candles for the cake. Minor issue.


        1. Leslie, my surprise party included a delicious chocolate cake. It was DEEEE-licious but Marilyn and I only had small slices. Sign of our ages. The frosting was finger-licking good.


      1. Garry, I’ve been dealing with PMR for over a year, tapering off the prednisone. Yesterday, as if dealing with shingles weren’t enough, the pain in the both shoulders was back full force and suddenly my hands were very sore. W.C. Fields was right. We don’t use his language anymore, thank goodness, but he was right. Old age ain’t for cowards.

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        1. Gordon, I recently had prednisone for about a week to deal with stuff. It was WONDERFUL. I was climbing stairs, hauling groceries, getting up and down from chairs WITHOUT any ouches or grunts. Then the Prednisone r/x was gone and life returned to normal. (sigh)


  1. Happy Birthday and a GOOD year to come for you….. Humidity is also my enemy, and we have had our fare share of it already up to now!
    You both make a wonderful, beautiful couple. I wish you well, both of you! You look wahayyyy younger than your 76….

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    1. I love the name, Kiki. It has history with me. Thank you so very much for the kind words, Kiki. They put a bounce in my step today.


  2. May you enjoy this birthday, and all the rest to come Garry! If i had a single malt i’d raise it in your honour, but i don’t so i’ll settle for raising a Port! 😉 Happy Birthday, Sir! 🙂

    Here’s to the Spirit of ’76. 😉

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    1. 42, Squirrel? Is that a FOX News statistic? Thank you the sentiment and the laughter you share through the year.


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