We’ve been watching the reruns — from the beginning — of Blue Bloods. The family lives in a huge house that no cops I’ve ever known could afford. The house is meticulously kept.

In other cop shows, the apartment owner works all the time. He or she never has time to sleep, much less clean. They are single. Yet, their homes are spick-and-span.

And about the house in which the Reagan police family lives. How did they afford it? And who takes care of it?

Who cleans? I’m pretty sure it’s none of the stars.

Jennifer Lopez – Shades of Blue

You never even see an occasional temporary helper. How do they do that?

Then there are all the television lady cops. They are thin and obviously none of them have ever eaten a doughnut. Their makeup is perfect. Their hair is perfect. They wear 4-inch heels and yet they still pursue the bad guys!

Major Crimes

I’ve met a lot of lady cops. Some of them were attractive, but none of them were thin like those TV lady cops. Or perfectly made up. Or, for that matter, made up, at all. No one wears heels of any height.

Cagney and Lacey

Also, these lady cops wear uniforms which fit as if they were made to order. Oh, wait … they were made to order.

What was I thinking?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

33 thoughts on “PERFECT!”

  1. There is a German police series with various cops from different towns in Germany. The Programme is good , but it seems that the German police have only female officers. Now and again there will be a male boss, but without a woman he rarely can solve the case. Seems to be an international trend

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    1. (From Marilyn, on Garry’s computer) – I wouldn’t mind THAT so much as the makeup and the heels. I can’t even WALK in heels, much less chase down the Bad Guys.

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  2. So what… are you trying to suggest those cops shows aren’t a true depiction of REALITY???

    Thank God we have Reality TV to fall back upon so we know what is truly real these days! 😉

    As for German TV police shows, you can’t beat Inspektor Rex! 🙂 Now he’s a REAL cop!

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  3. While I like Blue Bloods I also remember wondering about their house. From American TV there seem to be only two types of living abode available in the country – tiny flats or massive houses. Most housing in the UK is somewhere in between!

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    1. Trust me. Most housing in the U.S. is nothing like that house. I think it is actually a protected house, you know, like 100 years old and it belongs to the Park Service? Very few people — in a city much less — live like that. I certainly never have. And it’s so CLEAN.

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        1. Dral, you must be following the same reports that say I retired with a golden parachute, am a multi-millionaire and living the good life on my sprawling estate. As “Himself” would say, FAKE NEWS.

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    2. “Bluebloods” is also one of our favorites, Dral. The writing and acting ensemble are wonderful. The family dynamics are flesh and blood realistic. The Sunday dinner scenes leave you smiling or crying or both. The family house looks very realistic. Like a suburban home. Guess they can afford it because the older guys draw Comissioner salary and pension. The younger guys have financial difficulties just like us because of what cops make without overtime.

      Co-incidentally, Dral, there’s a big scandal unravelling right now with Massachusetts State Police under fire for filing bogus overtime sheets. Looks like some of the State Troopers are being charged, others fired without a golden parachute. Very interesting.

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  4. I can’t say anything about being this or wearing makeup, but most TV cops, male and female, are detectives and don’t wear uniforms. Think Barney Miller. Of course there was Hill Street Blues and other gritty shows that had street cops.

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    1. With or without a uniform, have ANY of us ever seen a cop (female, presumably) wearing 4 inch heels and full makeup? With perfectly coiffed — LONG — hair? Not even tied back in a pony tail? In U.S. cop shows, even the female coroners are drop-dead gorgeous. Yes, let’s hear it for REALISM.

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    1. And then watching the ambulance ride up and taking her away to fix that broken ankle? And maybe a broken hip and back to go with it? NO ONE chases anyone wearing heels. Not even 1 inch heels much less 4″ spikes!

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        1. Yes, Leslie. The women reporters who worked general assignment (“Breaking News”) wore flats or Queen Anne Heels (remembered from my days as a shoe salesman). Enabled them to stay with Guys (who were in shape) chasing bad guys. I was in running shape so I usually kept pace. Except for when I wore my shoes with leather soles and heels. They were very slippery. Why did I wear ’em? They made nice, snappy sounds on the sidewalk. Stupid? I plead guilty.

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  5. The rule that applies to the immaculate apartment ‘syndrome’ on cop shows is the same one that applies to the fact that no cop on those shows has to EVER go to the bathroom. There are no ‘um, excuse me’ moments (oh wait, there was ONE. On Midsomer Murders. ONCE.) No dashes for the can because the cop ate a sketchy, past it’s sell by date doughnut. Or a burrito that had some very odd things in it.. I always have to snicker when I see one of the perfectly coiffed and made up lady cops running in shoes I can no longer walk in, and after tackling and kicking the sh*t out of some bad guy, are still perfectly coiffed and their make-up un-smudged. Cagney & Lacey were the last lady cops I ever saw that looked physically like they might actually be able to take a bad guy out, especially as those two ladies aged. But the modern lady cop? You’re spot on in your assessment!

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    1. Emb, I loved “Cagney and Lacey”, especially Sharon Gless. However, the real life police officers, male and female, didn’t worry about cosmetics or clothing. Actually, the ones who DID always drew our attention because we questioned their priorities. They were frequently patting their hair or checking their face as we rolled the camera. I chuckled silently.


      1. Maybe they moved on and became TV cops? I’m pretty sure our local cops have to buy their own uniforms, too, which is why they are always the wrong size. They may have been the right size — once, a long time ago. Makeup? Maybe for the first five minutes out of the academy.

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  6. It’s TV. Everything is perfect on TV. Seriously most of the lady cops I’ve run into could be pretty scary. I also got the feeling they didn’t care much for men in general, outside of male partners that the had to work with. But what do I know? My brother was a cop and he seldom talked about female officers. Then again most of the women he was around regularly, didn’t care for him much.., except mom.

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    1. Ben, I got along well with most law enforcement people because I was respectful. Shocking, eh? You’d be surprised at how many reporters diss police, thinking they’re smarter. They don’t last long and lose the info pipeline quickly.


  7. I agree, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a small town female cop who looked attractive in the pants, tucked in shirt, and gun belt they have to wear…most of them are overweight, and always look as if they were cut in two by that belt. And none of them look all that happy, frankly.

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    1. They truly ARE ugly uniforms. No one looks good in them, unless they are 21 and jus out of the academy. They must have to pay for them themselves because they never fit. Those big bellied cops show distinct signs of excessive donut consumption and the uniform has NO stretch.

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    2. Judy, given the daily, unrelenting dose of violence and inhumanity — it’s hard to smile. I handled it for years, internalizing but it finally caught up to me after 40 plus years and has left scars.


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