Get out your police force! We need to get this defendant behind bars!


Someone is doing something about this winter weather in April.

When I saw this on the news, I had a good laugh and thought I would share with you, my blogging friends, because I know many of you in the northern states are feeling the same way.

Maybe it’s my warped sense of humor, but I love this. I’m thinking about buying a frame for it.

Have a great Monday, and I wish you blue skies, sunshine, warm temperatures, and a slight breeze. Yeah, in my dreams. 🙂

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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24 thoughts on “Finally”

      1. Bear has dug a hole in the last part of my yard to have had snow. I wonder if she thinks (besides it being cooler down below) if she digs far enough, she’ll find winter. Poor dog. 😦


        1. Apparently “it’s what’s going around.” Doctor is jammed. Even the urgent care places are jammed. I hope I don’t have pneumonia by Friday. And my husband is useless in the kitchen. No chicken soup for moi. Well, there are a few cans of Campbell’s.

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  1. Everyone is just so tired of winter. Here in Buffalo, NY, a group of people staged a protest wherein they walked around a street corner holding up signs and demanding return of spring (“Make America WARM again!”). Had I known they were going to protest, I maybe would have joined them – but then again, maybe not, because it was just so darn cold that day.


    1. And today, not ONLY do I have an ugly head-chest cold, but apparently, so does everyone else in the Valley. Doctors are completely jammed and I’m working on just BREATHING. In, out, in, out. Gray, cold, cloudy and my lungs hurt.


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