Get out your police force! We need to get this defendant behind bars!


Someone is doing something about this winter weather in April.

When I saw this on the news, I had a good laugh and thought I would share with you, my blogging friends, because I know many of you in the northern states are feeling the same way.

Maybe it’s my warped sense of humor, but I love this. I’m thinking about buying a frame for it.

Have a great Monday, and I wish you blue skies, sunshine, warm temperatures, and a slight breeze. Yeah, in my dreams. 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Everyone is just so tired of winter. Here in Buffalo, NY, a group of people staged a protest wherein they walked around a street corner holding up signs and demanding return of spring (“Make America WARM again!”). Had I known they were going to protest, I maybe would have joined them – but then again, maybe not, because it was just so darn cold that day.


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