Traveling from Massachusetts to Connecticut and Back Again –
Cee’s Which Way Photography Challenge

It really has been a totally wacko week for weather here in the upper northeastern quadrant of this continent.

On the road again …

We drove down to Connecticut on Friday. When we left the house, it was snowing lightly. By the time we got to the Mass Pike, it was snowing a lot more than that and a few miles down the road, it was close to a whiteout.

Route 320
Icy windshield

As we crossed the border into Connecticut, it changed to heavy rain … and as the miles past, it became cloudy and the rain went away.

Remi, Garry, Tom and sunshine

By the time we got to Tom and Ellin’s house, the sun was out.

Coming home at sunset

We drove home today in relatively mild weather with a bright blue sky.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


      1. It was like a long days’ journey into night on the road to perdition in the twilight zone.

        Fortunately, we did end up with sunshine, albeit with frosty temps. Turned out to be a fun weekend with old and new friends. So enjoyable.

        Back home again with the dawgs who clearly missed us and/or our biscuit treats.

        Sorry about your truly DISpicable cold. Hope it’s not pneumonia. Crazy that you can’t see your PC til Friday because he’s “solidly booked”. Is he also a theatrical agent?

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    1. This appears to be an international issue. The weather — globally — has been wetter, colder, snowier, icier than usual. One of those years when we go from winter to a humid, buggy summer. I am trying not to think about it, but I did get some awesome road shots. Weird weather isn’t so unusual around here … but this time, the problem isn’t just New England. It’s kind of everywhere.

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  1. March was cool and wet, and now April is cold and snowy. We got out second April snow (the once in a decade thing) Sunday night, although this time it didn’t accumulate (It was a hair too warm for that). The summer outdoors stuff is just piling up at work because this is usually when sales start booming, but nobody’s in the mood for lawnmowers and pools when it’s still snowing outside…

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    1. just heard from my middle brother in Northfield, Minnesota. Saturday night and they have a blizzard with heavy snow falling. Weather sucks everywhere. Egads!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. He got in an altercation with some guy one time and he wanted me to sick my dog (German Shepherd) on him. Things got rough so I hid my dog. Yup you could boot him out the door, but he’s already left…..chuckle.


      1. It is now the end of the weekend, a major blizzard is ending, and even church was canceled for this morning, with over a foot of snow… What a storm. we are less than 100 miles NW of Northfield.


    1. Sandy, my two, younger brothers are in Northfield, Minnesota where they have blizzard conditions. How far away are you?


          1. Yeah, the whole area has been sharing these conditions….. Was just checking pictures on my relatively new phone and have at least 4 different heavy snow picture groups with in the last month and this one. Snow overload!!!!


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