Glow little glow worm — glimmer — glimmer —

We are off to the doctor. Garry is deep into sore throat country and I’m just coughing. I had the sore throat earlier. It’s still sore, but I no longer feel like someone cut my throat. The microbes have moved to my chest.

Finally, the doctor comes around.

Meanwhile, since my contractor — the one who was supposed to fix the window and the front wall — has vanished, I’m looking for another one.

I bet they are sick, too. We probably GOT sick at the mall.

What IS it with these guys? They want work. They advertise for work. They complain online about how poor they are — but they don’t show up for work or even estimates. The don’t return emails or phone calls and they are NEVER in the office. Maybe they would be LESS POOR if they actually showed up to do the jobs for which they contract? And answered the calls for work? And gave estimates and then — dates to work?

At least I didn’t pay this one up front. It’s nice to be merely frustrated as opposed to out of money.

I’ve got another guy coming Monday. When I said I was sick and said “Um, I would prefer to NOT get a cold … so … like … how about Monday?”

I said Monday would be excellent, especially since I still thought today was Thursday and the doctor was tomorrow. I’ll either be better by Monday or in the hospital working on breathing without machinery. I’m expecting to be better though. I really hate when I breathe and I get that crackly bubbling noise. It sounds like I’m breathing through suds.

Glimmer. Glimmer.

More mall. People still come, but it’s not crowded . Maybe on Black Friday? To be fair, this mall has NEVER been crowded. It’s always empty yet it’s been here for a couple of dozen years.

Is that bubbling noise in my bronchial tubes anything like actual glimmering? Do people glimmer? Are my lungs glimmering? My throat is store, my head hurts and I don’t feel smart, capable, creative, or anything other than tired, tired, tired. There isn’t a pill on earth that will make me feel better.

Today we were supposed to get weather in the 70s with bright sunshine. The temperatures are really in the 40s. It’s grey, dark and probably going to rain. I believe we skipped right past “the nice day” and moved into nasty weekend weather.

I have more than 500 pictures I took over the weekend, mostly of the Curley’s show, but a few others. I’ve processed a bunch, but there are so many it will take a while. Lots of duplicates, too.

Mostly what I’ve got is a fierce headache. It’s going around, which is why the doctors are slammed with patients. If it’s going around, we’ve probably got “it.” I often think we should never leave home at all. It’s safer that way.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

52 thoughts on “YESTERDAY I SAID I WAS TOO SICK TO DO ANYTHING – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. “THE STING” Theme, “The Entertainer”, is more appropriate for us right now, Leslie. A little Scott Joplin to set the scene for how we feel as the sting targets. We need Henry Gondorf and Johnny Whats-his-name to find that window replacement guy for a tuneup. Maybe Doyle Lonnergan will help us.


  1. Truth alarm: I am WHINING. WHINING BIGLY….

    – iT’S APRIL 13TH. FRIDAY, THE 13th.
    – where the hell is spring?
    – It’s overcast and cold outside with rain all set to come in from the bull pen for yet another day. Stay away!
    – Marilyn and I are about to go out in this crappy weather to see our PC. We both have dreadful colds, topped off by
    VERY sore throats. Must be a Russian conspiracy.
    – Marilyn is trying to find the window replacement guy who disappeared from the face of the earth after a consult
    and assurance he could do the job and do it well. Only thing done — he is MIA. What is with these so called
    trustworthy home repair folks who say they want business but are as trust worthy as our Pols, the weather and beisbol relievers?
    – BOO-HOO!


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    1. Garry — what I said to Marilyn goes for you too! Do what the doctor says, get lots of rest, stay away from malls, and feel better soon! Funny you should blame it on a Russian conspiracy — my mother used to blame everything she didn’t like on the Russians, and she left us almost 10 years ago!

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      1. Mall and airplanes — the breeding ground of all diseases. I’m taking some kind of antibiotic and something to deal with the wheezing. Garry’s got Tamaflu (generic version) and doxycillin. We have what is called “A Very Bad Cold.”

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    1. I think it’s the crappy cold wet weather, but what do I know? I’m on antibiotics and inhalers. Garry’s on tamaflu (he doesn’t have the flu, but apparently it works on really bad colds, too) and doxycillin. We’ll be fine. They are predicting snow and sleet tomorrow. It’s all because of Donald Trump and the Russians.

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          1. Hmm. I wonder if there isn’t a whole bunch of people who have reached new heights of hatred in this situation. Almost every day I write him a Tweet I don’t send that says, “You fuck…” and then whatever is appropriate. Today I wrote two. 🙂

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  2. I’ve had a sore throat most of the week, so I sympathize. One of the benefits of telecommuting is that I didn’t infect a bunch of people. I felt like Hell, but I didn’t cause others to do so as well. Except on Tuesday. Of course, I drove to the Cape last night, and it didn’t get above 45 all day today. It rained. Oh well, so much for the nice weather making me feel better 😉

    I hope you and Garry are feeling better and get over this early spring cold soon!

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    1. Some warm, dry weather would make EVERYONE feel better. I don’t get colds anymore. This is the first time in four years … the last time having been right before heart surgery in the beginning of 2014. I suppose it was our turn, but I could have lived without it. This one is bacterial, so if it doesn’t go away on its own, you should see your doctor. This one responds to antibiotics. It has a long and unpronounceable name, too.

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          1. I first started to feel sick ten minutes after talking to my parents on the phone – they both have the flu. I was beginning to wonder if I could catch it over the phone. But it turned out to not be flu, so I guess not 😉 Actually, you did the perfect straight line for a crack about computer viruses. If I was more of a comedian I could have run with it…

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