From Paula:

Here’s another Thursday’s Special photo challenge for you. This time the theme is “zoom in, zoom out”. Show one subject/scene (whatever you like) from up close and far. Let’s see how different things seem when you have a closer look. Take your time posting for this challenge and don’t forget to have fun. Happy Thursday!

I have two cameras with serious zoom lenses and most of the time, those are the cameras I use. Why? Because no matter how superb my other cameras are, I never know what I’m going to shoot and a good — long — zoom is the difference between getting the shot — or missing it.

Close up as the water at Roaring Dam hits the rocks below …
Middle of the falls at Roaring Dam
And back a bit more …
Photo: Garry Armstrong – And from below the falls, on the lower path … and using an entirely different camera a lens …

jupiter najnajnoviji

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

6 thoughts on “ZOOMING IN AND OUT”

  1. I’m with you all the way Sistah! I tend to keep some kind of “zoom” on my camera, even if it’s the kit lens (14-42mm) which isn’t too bad. I’ve seen a lot of shots taken with it by pros on the Olympus site that look great. I’ve also had some good experiences on my own using the “kit” lens. I do like the 12-50mm and 14-150mm zooms, but boy do I have to be steady of hand at the higher focal lengths.

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    1. I take the FZ300. And I have a little Leica with a 7X lens that fits in my bag. I have to have a reasonable idea of what I’m going to shoot to haul out all the lenses. Almost ALL my lenses are NOT telephoto. Mostly, they are prime so i have to do a lot of running around. Or … limping around.


      1. Well, I figure that chances are the first shot, I want, will not afford me enough time to decide on a lens so my chances of getting it are increased by having a zoom attached. I’ll go for the primes when I have more time to set up.

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