Share Your World – April 23, 2018

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?

English muffins. No, really. You can eat them for breakfast and they make a great crunchy sandwich. They come in a million flavors, but a plain one with port wine cheddar on it? Delicious beyond human understanding.

But best? A simple toasted muffin with some orange marmalade or other jam and a cup of great coffee is one of the world’s most affordable and totally delicious treats.

List at least five movies or books that cheer you up.

Boy, this is a tough question. My head is so full of movies and books, characters and stories!


Murphy’s Romance
Blazing Saddles
Trading Places
Tombstone (all that delicious violence)
Rustler’s Rhapsody


This gets hard. So many books, so little time.

Connie Willis’s Bellwether (1996) – No matter how many times I read it, it makes me smile, laugh, and think … at the same time!

Robert H. “Rob” Reid wrote Year Zero: A Novel, the only science fiction novel I ever read with truly entertaining footnotes … and explained to me everything I never wanted to know about the music industry.

Everything by Douglas Adams, but especially The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul which I have read at least a dozen times and will probably read a few more — possibly soon.

Jasper Fforde – All seven of the Thursday Next series are a joy to anyone who loves books. In this series, “outer space” is actually the inside of novels. I yearn for another one, but I think he is done with the series.

Jodi Taylor’s entire series about the time-traveling historians of St. Mary’s make me happy. Actually, I love all her books, but anything with time travel in it is a sure winner for me. She is funny, sharp, literate, and she loves history. I just finished An Argumentation of Historians which was less funny and more touching than many of her books — and it was part 1, so now I have to wait for the next part. But I have loved every book she ever wrote.

Kim Harrison’s entire series about Rachel Morgan and The Hollows. Thirteen books long, from the start to conclusion, including a 14th book that was a prequel.

There are so many others. I’ve been an ardent reader for an entire lifetime and my head is full of books.

If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing? 

Trying to kill off the mice. We have a lot of mice and getting rid of them has become a priority. A few mice is cute. Hundreds — thousands? — of mice isn’t at all cute.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  

We went to a party. We got there and didn’t get lost. We stayed long enough to enjoy the company and then — we got home without getting lost. Thumbs up!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

30 thoughts on “WORLD SHARING: ALMOST A NEW WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. Great “pick ’em” post:

        FOOD RAVE: Sashimi.
        SMILE OF WEEK: Attending “MOB” old newsies’ gathering. Marilyn accompanied me. She had my 6, enabled me
        to relax and got us home when I became disoriented. Marilyn will do.

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      1. I’ve had this weird yearning for Pineapple upside-down cake. One bite would probably kill me. The sugar.


  1. We actually have some feral cats that roam our yard, it keeps the mice away. Since our dogs are all gone, the cats like our house. We don’t feed them or encourage them, but I know we had mice under our house. 😀


    1. In our area, the problem is that the mice move into the house when the weather gets cold. We have cats all over the place. Not only feral cats, but actual wild cats, not to mention terriers. But a mouse that wants a warm place to live will find a way. When it’s not so cold outside — your idea of “cold” is not quite the same as ours 😀 — they get really urgent about it. We are having it taken care of, but it’s going to take awhile and it’s going to be continuous. We had one wildcat who was one great hunter. He not only killed all the mice, he killed EVERYTHING.

      Liked by 1 person

                  1. You don’t know what you’re missing Garry. They are so good. Some people put pecans in them, I put raisons. They’re like a pecan pie.


  2. You listed a GREAT lot of movies that I had forgotten about, which I watched and found to be ‘feel good films’ as well. Haven’t seen Murphy’s Romance in a while, it’s time to watch it again. And those book titles? Well now I have some more books to check out (literally). Thanks Marilyn! 😀

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    1. Emb, Marilyn reads (listens to) lots more books than I do. I’m afraid I’m a TV guy in my old age. I love watching old movies (particularly westerns) and baseball. I love the old movies because of their fantasy/Hollywood endings. Same reason audiences of the 30’s and 40’s loved those movies. Our reality is too harsh. One of my former colleagues shared my passion. We covered all that gruesome, depressing stuff by day and looked forward to old movies and fantasy at nights.


  3. As soon as I saw the mouse question, I knew what answer that was going to get out of you. We have a mouse on the loose at work that is driving everyone up the wall. I have a soft spot for rodents, but they need to remain outside lest I stomp on their heads the first chance I get…

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Squirrel, we’ll get the fashion police on the mouses. Mighty wears ’em tacky to go with his cape and tight, muscle showing shirt. I think Uncle Walt outsourced branding to Samoa.


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