From rivulet to pond, the valley is where water lives.
Cow wading in rivulet o the edge of a pond


    1. We have millions of snapping turtles living in the river. That’s why they warn you to keep you feet and fingers OUT of the water. These little guys bite. They can — do — grow up to several hundred pounds of thoroughly mean turtle.


        1. No teeth, but they can take off one of your fingers or toes, NO problem. Every now and again, one of the really BIG ones strolls into a schoolyard. Watch all the cops and animal control people spend hours — days — trying to herd that 200 pounder back to the river. Their necks are like snakes and they can reach you from a lot further than you think. I quit animal controlling when confronted by maybe 10-pounder. I eventually herded him across the road towards the river, but my big leather gloves didn’t look nearly big or leathery enough to deal that one turtle. Imagine trying to get one of those giants to move.


            1. The good news is that they are very slow moving, so if you stay out of their reach, they aren’t going to grab you. And they don’t eat people. If they grab a finger or toe, it’s because they think it’s a plant. They aren’t meat eaters, but they are bad-tempered. Crabby. And as the years go by, really big. But they aren’t out to get you. It’s more like you are in their way and they would like you to please leave. The other problem is that sometimes, they wander into an area they don’t belong. They need to be near or in water, so if they wander into a road or a schoolyard, they are in trouble anyway. The goal is to urge them back where they belong — the river. The problem is, they move slowly and they don’t like being moved. It’s kind of like herding a rock with legs.


      1. Lovable pics. I am smitten with “Bossy” who, I believe, is trespassing. Don’t see any brands.

        A river runs through it.


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