We had one beautiful day on Saturday. It rained on Sunday and through last night and this morning, it’s cold, dark, and grey again. Not only that, but neither of us feels well.

It was actually snowing a bit north of here yesterday. It wasn’t sticking, but there was quite a lot of it and while not sticking to the road, it managed to do some accumulating on grass and gardens.

I’ve noticed that the meteorologists are getting careful and sometimes, downright apologetic about the weather. The usual glee they show when bad weather is coming has been muffled by explaining that “Really, it’s going to be lovely — soon — we promise,” and some of them act as if it must be a personal thing, the continued lousy weather.

Obviously, it’s no single individual’s fault, though collectively we may have a lot to answer for. I have posts from last year dealing with April snow. But tomorrow, it’s May and I don’t have anything about snow in May. Not that it has never happened … but it is rare and I think we’ve all pretty much had it with the cold and hale and sleet and general bad weather.

C’est la vie, eh?

By the end of the week, they are talking about temperatures in the 80s. That’s a hard thing to imagine at the moment. I shall try and keep the faith, which is an even harder thing.

26 thoughts on “ASTONISHED? MORE LIKE DISAPPOINTED – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I wonder if it’s really “weather” or climate change in action. Bad weather? We get a lot of bad weather. New England is world famous for bad weather and beautiful autumns. This weather is pretty strange. Mostly, it’s cold. But. I remember we used to (when we had jobs and money!) go down to Martha’s Vineyard (an island off the coast) for two weeks in June and another two weeks in September. June is usual glorious weather around here. Warm, sunny, but not yet muggy and hot. ONE year, the temperatures never went about 50 degrees — very cold for summer! — and we spent 10 of our 14 Vineyard days with the fire going in the fireplace and spending all our extra money on sweaters.

      At the VERY end of the holiday, it warmed up. Finally. But that same year, July 4th — normally peak summer weather? It was in the 40s and sleeting. That was more the 25 years ago. So bad weather we get … it’s just we’ve had such a long run of it this year with snow starting early and staying so late.

      To be fair, it really isn’t nearly as strange as we like to say it is. New England has a very rough climate. But great during the fall!

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  1. Three days ago, I relegated my winter coat to the closet, it hit 23 C which is 74 F and was a lovely surprise. This was followed up by two days of rain and the electric blanket came back out not because it was cold, just horribly damp. Two days of constant rain and we’re back in the sun but it’s very crisp. They say it’s supposed to warm up now, I guess I’ll believe it when I see it? lol

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  2. It’s chilly here, too, and we might get rain and thunderstorms in the next day or two. We’ve had a lot of fierce winds too this year. It must be climate change — I don’t look forward to the long hot summer!


      1. I know — it’s been a really odd spring here too — 80-s last week, and 60’s now! We may even get thunderstorms tomorrow, which almost never happens here!


        1. Strange weather worldwide. I think we are beginning to see what climate change is going to be like — not orderly. Very messy and non-sequential. Big storms that affect an entire continent and cross oceans. Warm and cold and flooding and arid.

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  3. I am freezing here in NJ- the heat was cranking this morning like it was January. They say 80 here too…. hard to believe but I hope they are right. Hope you and Garry are feeling better soon


    1. It’s almost funny. Usually, the meteorologists get really excited about bad weather. The worse the weather, more worked up they get. But right, they end the report with “No, really, it’s going to get better, really.” And we sit there and say “Yeah, right, you said that LAST week.” One of Garry’s best friends is the top meteorologist in the region and he’s like a doctor. Talk about anything, but do NOT discuss The Weather!

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  4. We’re having very pleasant autumn days mostly and it was delightful to come home to autumn in Tasmania after Singapore where they only have one kind of weather, hot and humid, all the time, even at night. I’m so grateful to live in the state with the best climate (for me at least) Another thing about TV weather people I’ve noticed is the annoying habit they have of saying “your” as in. “Brisbane, you are going to have lovely weather for your Monday.” It is not Brisbane’s Monday or anyone’s Monday. It’s just Monday. Annoys me every time I hear it.

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