The red leaf on the bottom left is going to be a flower.
These look almost like some strange perching bird

I was sure it was my eyes. New glasses or give up seeing. But today, with light on the subject, I took a bunch more pictures and they were all fine. So I guess the moral of the story is that an f2.8 lens can’t shoot sharp pictures in near darkness. Go figure, right?Almost all of these came out well, so there are easily a dozen (more maybe) waiting to be process.

It will take wing, any moment!

But I noticed that many of the end sections of cactus are red. I’m not sure how it works, but when the ends of the cactus turn red and develop those little thready things, it will become a flower.

I love the variations of color

If all those red sections become flowers, I suspect this plant is going to have a lot of flowers. I need it to stop flowering soon so I can re-pot it. The earth is very old and can’t have much nutrition in it, though a Christmas cactus doesn’t need much nutrition.

The color of the flower really does change significantly depending on how the light hits it. They are almost transparent and always translucent, so if you get them at the right angle, they look like fairy wings and you can see the color are composed of dark red streaks.

Thus the differences in the intensity of the colors depends on from where I shot the picture.


19 thoughts on “MAYBE NOT THE FINAL CACTUS FLOWERS – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. My pink one hasn’t flowered much either, but i think it needs a new pot. They both do and as soon as it stops raining, I’ll go out back and get it done. The constant cold and wet has really cut into even the simplest gardening tasks. May 1st. REALLY time for spring!

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      1. My Canon camera is irretrievably broken, I fear…beyond anything their tech help can help me with and no repair in Mexico. Needless to say my photography life is sadly curtailed. My phone camera just doesn’t do the full job.


        1. Good news is that cameras are cheaper than they used to be. There are a lot of good quality all-in-one zooms available just over the border (probably cheaper than in Mexico, but I could be wrong about that).


          1. I know but no plans to travel to the states. Found exactly what i want on Amazon in Mexico but can’t make the form to buy it work. It keeps cancelling out at the last moment.


                    1. I keep forgetting customs. I remembered them very well in Israel. Someone would send you a little gift — nothing of value — but the customs were so absurd, sometimes, you gave up and left the package.

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