WordPress Photo Challenge – UNLIKELY

Also, Abrupt!

Yesterday it was cold and rainy and they promised today would be better. Not merely is it better.

Old hawk’s nest high in the oak tree

It’s just BEAUTIFUL. Warm, sunny, with a very light breeze. Spring arrived. Finally. I don’t know for how long it plans to stay. We’ve been teased before, but maybe this time, it’s the real deal.

Budding oak woods. You can see the damage from all the storms.

The budding of the oaks

Abrupt? Well … yesterday I was seriously considering turning up the heat and today, I’m thinking “air conditioner.” Is that abrupt enough?

Gate, from inside the yard

My carefully cropped front gate from outside … and Duke, of course.

We are not yet blooming, except for our forsythia which are in urgent need of trimming back. They are finally so big, they barely bloom at all.

Just about to bloom Japanese maple

They are huge and if not cut back soon, I think may march right into the house and take up residence here along with the flowers and dogs and us.

Inside, looking onto the deck. I’d open the doors, but Duke would be through that screen in a nanosecond.

I should mention that you really should wear shoes if you are going to walk on the path recently clipped of thorny roses. Ouch!

24 thoughts on “HIGHLY UNLIKELY AND DEFINITELY ABRUPT- Marilyn Armstrong

    • It got really hot, but it cooled down. Hot tomorrow, then more normal weather. I spent ALL day trying to get this stupid Mac to work, but at least I wasn’t freezing and it wasn’t raining!!


      • Sounds lovely – and I adore fuchsias – tried to grow them last year (my first in Glastonbury) without success; I shall try again this year! Hope you manage to grab a few…


        • Two things with fuchsias: they don’t like full sun — dappled shade with a little sun is great — and you have to water them EVERY day. They dry out very fast. Also, sometimes you buy them and they are infested with bugs, so just watch for flower eating pests 🙂 And good luck. They are wonderful.

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  2. Spring arrived for you in Uxbridge and, here in Arizona, spring is leaving as summer starts to kick our butts. Each day is different. Temperature up one day, down the next. I can’t keep up. The plants seem to know when it is for real as my desert foliage is growing like mad and even though the cacti seemed a little confused this year they manage to bloom correctly out in the desert proper. The city, and all its paved glory is messing with nature big time while we wait for the “big one”.., 3 digit temperatures threatened for this very weekend.

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  3. At last, am glad for you. You have now got our weather and in exchange we have yours, like cold and grey and tomorrow rain. Love that old hawks nest. We once had an old magpie nest but they chopped down the top of the tree


  4. Those are lovely photos, Marilyn, it does look like it’s here. I was in the garden for most of the day. Pruned the rose bushes and dug up weeds that always seem to thrive. It’s quite humid too, could almost use the AC but that is expensive and it’s so much nice to open up the windows.


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