A DAFFODIL-FREE GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong

I went out and I was absolutely SURE the daffodils would be blooming.


The oak trees are thinking about blooming

Everyone else’s daffodils are blooming. Everywhere I look, I see azaleas and blooming trees. Apple and cherry and all that. But not here.

Bud on the Rhododendron

I went out and I took pictures. The trees are beginning to put out leaves and we have some violets and those little purple flowers and there are at least half a dozen buds on the Rhododendron. But nothing else.

I’m sure it will burst into some kind of frenzied blooming any minute now, but not yet. Definitely, not yet.

28 thoughts on “A DAFFODIL-FREE GARDEN – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Parallel universes again? Even the neighbors across the street have flowers. At least we have a few violets and the Solomon’s seal has the beginning of flowers, though they aren’t very colorful — greenish white, actually, though I do love the way they look.

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        1. That’s what is so peculiar. Mine are normal size. I know it has been cold, but other people have flowers. I just have greenery. No buds. No flowers. And the day lilies are about half their normal size for this time of year. I think it was the weather. And maybe, the lack of sun — though it hasn’t stopped OTHER people from having flowers.

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  1. Nature has her own rhythm. Last year my horse chestnut flowered for the first time and this year nothing. I had no iris flowers last year and now it is full of buds. Looks like your garden is taking a holiday break


  2. My annual daffodils (What’s left of them after 9 years of neglect) always bloom in mid-late March, so they’ve already came and went. “Went” being the operative word since no sooner did they bloom than our two week long cold and rainy stretch begin…


    1. Mine came up — the green part — but that was it. No buds, no flowers. They should have bloomed a couple of weeks ago and now, I don’t think they are going to bloom. They are a highly neglectable flower, generally speaking.


  3. I haven’t planted as yet. The mint is growing and flourishing. No Daffy’s though. Perhaps now it’s beginning to warm up, I can decide what to grow. I have little sunshine on my side of the house, so it will have to be shade loving plants which have lovely foliage but little blossom. Therefore, I’m grateful at witnessing yours which brings the gardener in me, great joy 🙂


  4. I only got a few daffodils this year. I could not work the garden, it was mostly cold in March and April, but I still should have had more. I think I got three, and we will not even talk about the tulips.


  5. We had nothing of any other color other than green until a few days ago (and not much green, at that). Then we suddenly had dandelions. Now mowing season is upon us, and we’re not quite ready. Not that I mean to complain – mowing is probably better than shoveling snow.


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