Duke watching spring from a window

Hyper graphic Macbook Air 13

I want to start out by saying that recently, ALL my photos have been a little odd and sometimes, more odd than that. We haven’t been feeling well, so even when we are out, we do what we need to do and that’s about it for us.

The last cactus flower

Time to re-pot the plants

So if these don’t look much different than previous shots? Blame it on Life. I shoot what there is to be shot and lately, it’s been around and about the property.

The green, green garden of no flowers

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6 replies

  1. I like the photo of your yard with the flamingo. 😀

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  2. I do like your choice of subject and with those special effects it could go on for quite awhile.


    • It’s another nice day today, so i have to get outside and see if by any chance, something has grown. I’m pretty sure all the Solomon’s Seal is going to bloom — some of it is already blooming. Everything else? I think maybe it’s already too late for daffodils, but I live in hopes for the rhododendrons and maybe a few lilacs. They don’t usually pop until middle to late May.

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  3. I get you. During my freshly broken leg days I could rely on my stock for a while but even that doesn’t last forever.


    • It gets hard to find pictures older than a year or two. At their best, WP’s search engine which is supposed to help you find older posts and pictures, ain’t great. I’m lucky to find anything more than a year, maximum two years, old. I usually have to go digging for stuff in old folders. Yes, you run out pretty fast. Much faster than seems reasonable.

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