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And the world really IS mad. I think possibly, so am I!

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As I’m on a research mission this weekend, and having spent much of the week in hospital waiting rooms, I have dredged up a couple of old ones to share.This one was written two years ago…

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Rafael Sabatini is not the best known of writers these days, though he left his mark on both literature and cinema. He was born in 1875 in Jesi, Italy to Englishwoman Anna Trafford and Vincenzo Sabatini. His parents were touring opera singers and sent their small son to England to be raised by his grandmother. A few years later, his parents stopped touring and the family settled in Milan. Rafael’s schooling took place in Portugal and Switzerland where he learned a number of languages. Returning to England, he worked as a translator and began to write.

Within four years, Rafael was a regular contributor of short stories for national magazines and in 1901 was…

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SPEEDY ALKA SELTZER – Marilyn Armstrong

RAPID. JUST ONE LETTER CHANGE AND IT'S RABID.  When I think of speedy, I do not think of me. Or Garry. Or anyone I know these days. As the years have advanced, we have slowed. Whereas we used to walk fast and even sometimes (gasp) run, now we stroll. Or if you are me, stagger … Continue reading SPEEDY ALKA SELTZER – Marilyn Armstrong

TEA AND CEREMONY – Marilyn Armstrong

For Rashmi Kashyap - I miss you and hope you are well. I don't remember exactly when, I mentioned in a post how difficult it is to get good tea in the U.S. It isn't impossible. If you have sufficient resources, you can get anything. Ordinary folk are limited to local shops and the ubiquitous Internet. The problem is not … Continue reading TEA AND CEREMONY – Marilyn Armstrong