SPEEDY ALKA SELTZER – Marilyn Armstrong


When I think of speedy, I do not think of me. Or Garry. Or anyone I know these days. As the years have advanced, we have slowed. Whereas we used to walk fast and even sometimes (gasp) run, now we stroll. Or if you are me, stagger and weave.

But Alka Seltzer was speedy. Drink it and ignore those laughing bubbles and voilà, your stomach troubles were gone for good and all.

In my world, speedy is mostly Duke, the dog who leaps fences. He’s gaining weight, so I’m wondering how big he’ll need to be to make him stop jumping. He’s something to ponder, isn’t he?

Remember: RAPID is one short letter away from RABID. Get those rabies shots on time! Especially if your dog likes to hang out in the woods with the wild things.

7 thoughts on “SPEEDY ALKA SELTZER – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Alka-Seltzer is my ‘go to’ when I’m feeling bilious. Even though it says right on the box in the small print that diabetics should NOT take it. (and you thought you were strange, reading cereal boxes…I read medication boxes..um ) I used to rely on Pepto-Bismol, but at some point my stomach rebelled and I’ve never been able to tolerate that stuff since. Even in tablet form. Hunydog has had her full set of vaccinations (she was NOT happy about that), because here we have skunks (a great whacking lot of skunks), rats (actual rats, not mice…icky), and given the protected wetland area, a host of other wild creatures (birds and animals)…so not getting a dog vaccinated is asking for trouble. I suspect Mr. Duke will continue to defy the fence long past when he ought. Some dogs just have a wild hair or two..


    • At least he doesn’t head for the road. Oddly, neither does Gibbs our two rescues know where HOME is and they stay here. They don’t want to wander and discover no one wants them back, poor babies. I just worry because the coyotes are big and Duke is not so big or the killer he thinks he is. I have NO idea how he is getting out. Owen thinks there are part of the fence that sunk into the soil and that may be where he gets out. He is one frustrating dog!

      My problem with Alka Seltzer is that I never have it on hand. I should. I can’t take Pepto either. It’s the color. Something in that color is nauseating.

      In this state, rabies vaccinations are mandatory.

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      • Marilyn, I hope you’re right about Duke and his inclination not to wander off our property. We cannot have eyes on him 24/7.

        I loved “Speedy”, the Alka-Seltzer kid. I try to shift gears as I walk up our long, long driveway. Lately, I haven’t been able to get out of first gear but I’m always trying.


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