THE DOGS OF MAY – Marilyn Armstrong

I was drying my hair in the bathroom and heard a noise out back that sounded remarkably like a dog messing around in “stuff.” I looked out the window — and there was Duke. In the backyard. Where he should not be able to go because the front yard is fully fenced.

So obviously, he’s jumping one of the areas of the fence but we have no idea where he’s doing the jump. The thing is, he doesn’t go anywhere. He just hangs around the property, which is okay. Except we have a lot of critters around here and he could take off and chase one. I’d rather that not happen.


Coyotes and Fishers (they look like mink). Squirrels, rabbits, mice, rats, gophers, skunk … and a huge selection of flying creatures. Not to mention the occasional wildcat and deer.


Before we can keep him IN the yard, we first have to figure out how he is getting out of it.


At least — unlike the terriers — he doesn’t head for parts unknown. He just hangs around the house. That’s something, right?

Good night, Sweet Duke

11 thoughts on “THE DOGS OF MAY – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I guess he thought that the grass would be greener on the other side. When Cindy was a still a puppy we discovered that she could get over the back fence which had been adequate for Tessie, our Corgi X who had very short legs. We eventually enclosed the whole back yard with a five foot high fence and thought we had contained her. We were wrong, Cindy was able to get over the fence, she’d jump high enough to reach the top cross piece and kind of climb over from there. She doesn’t go away either, in fact the only time she ever does it is to get to me. For example, one day I was talking to one of our garden guys about removing some rubbish from the garage, I’d shut Cindy in the back because she barks but she wasn’t having that and jumped over the fence to join us. As she’s 12 now I’m not overly keen on her pulling that kind of stunt in case she hurts herself quite apart from worrying about her seeing something on the other side of the road or wandering into the neighbours place. I either have to shut her in the house or keep her with me and hope she will stop barking after a few minutes, usually she does.

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    1. Leslie, Duke came in from his nocturnal evening walk last night, jumped upon the love seat and lovingly shared an awful stench of rain, wet dog and an unknown odeur presumably from our parallel universe. Golly!

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