Garry had a bumper sticker on his old red Mustang convertible that said: “So many pedestrians, so little time.”

Theater district, before the show

Cruel? Only if you weren’t trying to drive cross-town in Boston where pedestrians pay no attention to signs, crosswalks, or even oncoming trucks and cars. If they feel like crossing the street, they step into the road and ramble casually across.

If you get too close, they pound on your car because traffic regulations don’t have anything to do with them.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

I do not know if all cities are as bad as Boston, but I wouldn’t be surprised to discover they are. In New York, it took them years to figure out ways to control both cars and walkers without fatalities.

Out here, in the country, people are surprisingly polite about people crossing the road. I suppose because there aren’t so many of us helps. The roads aren’t as packed with traffic. It’s safe to slow down.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Nonetheless, traffic will stop and wait for you to cross. After which, they wave to you. Using all five fingers.

16 thoughts on “SO MANY PEDESTRIANS – SO LITTLE TIME – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Provocative title…. made me chuckle though – I thought this was a uniquely French problem. Am right now in Switzerland – same thing here…. Only made worse by nearly everybody walking, biking, driving with earplugs on, head and eyes down, either immerged in their music or their phones, texts, instagrams… I fear for the worst, day after day.
    Where can I get this sticker? 😉

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    1. The earplugs make it SO much worse. Not only don’t they see what’s going on, they are deaf, too. However complainy we get about the slow-driving locals, they are WAY better than those city crazies.

      The sticker is available — intermittently — online. I found one, but it didn’t fit on the new bumper. Wrong shape or something.

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  2. We’re the next town over to Durham where UNH is located. I hate driving there but have to because we have several Master Gardener events and meetings there. The students will walk right in front of the car, they never look either way, and just assume they own the street which I guess they do. I have to drive there this morning and will be under the speed limit so I can slam on the brakes at any moment. Hate it.

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    1. Try Amherst — where there are a dozen colleges. In season, there are hordes of morons seeking degrees in something. They apparently feel that cars can’t hurt them. After all, they paid the tuition and until it’s repaid, they are invulnerable.

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    2. Judy, certain pedestrians have LOTS of attitude, like we shouldn’t be driving our vehicles on the road. I’ve calmed down a lot in recent years here in our small town. I respect pedestrians…at least I give them time to cross the street.
      Lots of people walk around here because there is no mass transit. They also walk for exercise and to enjoy the weather. My problem: When I’m usually headed for an appointment (medical), there always seems to be a pedestrian rush hour plus a wagon train of SLOW drivers in front of me. I talk myself into rational behavior. You just have to deal with things. Easier now than before. But I still have my days.

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  3. I’ve said this before, and I agree with Judy above…. college students are THE WORST pedestrians. That isn’t even a statement on today’s youth… students felt just as entitled to cross the road when, where and however they pleased when I was in school too. There is just something about the university atmosphere that goes to kids’ heads (other than all the alcohol)….

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    1. In our humble opinion, the REALLY REALLY WORST people are the ones in the theater district. They literally act like there IS no traffic. And they beat the hell out of your car.

      The NEXT worse of bicyclists. They think they own the road and you have no business on it, never mind that they aren’t the ones paying the taxes.

      Then, you get to college kids and they are just entirely obnoxious, annoying little assholes. About pretty much everything.


    2. Squirrel, I really get ticked off by the pedestrians with “Attitude”. The Ratzo Rizzo crowd. They aren’t just crossing the street, they’re on a mission to antagonize as many people as possible. If you try to strike up conversation, they usually blow you off with rudeness.


    1. I find it rather odd, to say the least. People just wander into the roads as if the cars are fake. They do this in vacation cities, too … but in Boston, there’s REALLY traffic. Trucks and cars and SUVs and who know what else. And cars can’t stop on a dime. Those red and green lights MEAN something, even for people.

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  4. I’ll take small towns over cities any ol’ day. Here the pedestrian best beware because some of the residents are a bit old, their reflexes are slow and they don’t mind getting blood off the bumper… I encountered a rather dippy old dame the other day who walked right out into traffic, no crosswalk, no warning. She sauntered along and she got a very loud honk as she passed my car, leapt in the air a little and scurried the rest of the way across. She got a wave too. Or maybe it was a salute…a one finger one….


    1. It’s easier in a town with 12,000 people than a bigger one … and a lot of people don’t live in town. Like us, they live several miles outside town, so it keep traffic from building.


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