Acts of rebellion and an old dead nun – by AMPYCOM

I didn’t do anything nearly this much fun!


I’ve considered myself a rebel since I was three years old.
At least.
I hold my father responsible. The man loved rules.
Actually, he broke rules all the time, but he loved holding others up to them. Especially me.
When I was three, I used to spend a lot of time with my grandfather, who indulged my every whim. Naturally, I adored him.
Across the street from his house, there was a small private kindergarten. I used to stand at the gates of his garden and watch the children there at play. Seeing how I longed to have playmates, Grandpa spoke to the owner of the little school, and they agreed that I could join the other kids two or three days a week.
This worked out fine for a while. If I wanted to go to school, I would. If I wanted to go to the park, or a…

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One thought on “Acts of rebellion and an old dead nun – by AMPYCOM”

  1. My father was much the same. He would set the rules and he would be the worst one to break them. I don’t know whether that was the inspiration to my rebelliousness or not.


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