WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: PLACE IN THE WORLD

I guess the height of building do it for some people, but for me, it’s the mountains and the oak trees. I live in an oak forest. The trees are tall. In winter, I worry about them falling from heavy snow or ice. In the summer, I worry about wind and then, finally, about the millions of leaves that are going to fall everywhere in my world.

Followed by the snow. Again.

Sunset – Jackman, Maine

I grew up in New York and for many years lived in Boston. None of these are “the place in the world.” For me, it’s always wild places. The height of our trees, the peaks of mountains. the valleys and rivers the places against which I measure my place on this earth.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

27 thoughts on “MIGHTY OAKS, MOUNTAINS, AND WHERE THE RIVERS RUN – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Those are the mountains in northern Maine, almost the Canadian border. It’s gorgeous up there. It will probably stay gorgeous because other than skiing and looking for moose, there’s not much up there except amazing mountains, an autumn to die for … and about 12 feet of snow annually. We used to vacation there … but finally, the drive got to be too much. Even from here, it’s a 7 hour drive through mountains and I have lost my nerve πŸ˜€

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      1. What a great place to vacation – but I do know what you mean about long drives through mountains: can be somewhat terror-inducing for all the natural beauty crammed in on either side!


        1. I used to do it without a moment’s thought. But my reflexes aren’t what they were and Garry’s are worse. Time does keep slouching along and we have to make changes. One of them was giving up 8 hour drives through mountains. Actually, we gave up 8 hour drives. Can’t do it any more!

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          1. Not sure I have ever been able to do an eight hour drive! So, full of admiration for you and Garry that this was something you used to do, even if it is now in the past.


            1. It wasn’t a big deal in the beginning — years ago, but these days, it’s impossible. Can’t do it. And this is a big country, so if you are driving, sometimes it’s a very long drive — multi days of long hours at the whee. Garry doesn’t like it and I can’t, so we don’t go.

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  1. A huge tree once fell in a thunderstorm near my house – three full trunks! It fell across a bike path, so the city cut off the logs blocking the way. A while later a little girl, pointed at the fallen trees and said, “look mom, an elephant!” Ever since, it has always looked like a giant elephant to me.


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