Garry went out to find me fuchsia, but the fuchsia guy is gone. No one has seen him and the shop is closed. Enterprising spirit that he is, he found me a glorious basket of pink begonias. I need one more basket for the patio, but that one is glorious.

Variegated Geranium

Today I bought a second hanging pot, a variegated geranium — purple and white. Supposedly it’ll cope with living in less than full sunlight. I hope so. Usually, geraniums really prefer a lot of sun, which I do not have.

Hanging Begonia
I love the little patches that look like roses
More miniature roses
Hanging geraniums
A hard shade of pink to capture
Flowers of my day – Pink Begonia and Variegated Geranium

16 thoughts on “BEGONIAS AND GERANIUMS: DECK DELIGHTS – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Owen built those years ago — maybe a dozen year ago? They have really stood the test of time. I used to be able to get them up on their hooks, but now I need help and usually, Garry has to water them because I can’t life a heavy watering can overhead — or not every day, anyhow. I wanted fuchsia — and they trail. Now, I can’t GET fuchsia. No one is growing them and this will be my third year without. The one man who raised them is gone. My suspicion is that is has passed on and none of the few remaining nurseries are growing them. We used to have a lot of nurseries, but all the grocery stores selling flowers put them out of business. So there’s one nearby, the others are just empty.

      I miss them. I didn’t go often, but every spring and every Christmas, I went to get special wreathes and hanging plants. Since the big corporate stores took over, there’s not much room for the individual stores.

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  1. Geraniums are my favorites. I love all plants and flowers, but potted geraniums remind me of France. I keep them on my porch and because temperatures remain reasonably warm they bloom all year long. One of my daughters call me The Queen of Potted Geraniums πŸ™‚


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