PICK A WORD FOR A PICTURE – MAY 2018 – Marilyn Armstrong


From Paula:

It’s time for another Pick a Word themed photo challenge. This is where you may choose one, or more or all of the offered words and interpret them through photos. I hope that you will find them challenging and inspiring enough.

And the words are:  iconic, propagation, cleaved, zoomorphic, marginal

And here are my “pictures and words” for Paula’s (Lost In Translation) Thursday Special challenge. I think I got them all.

In a naturally cleaved tree, you can see an old American eagle nest.
The hosta are propagating like mad as the weather warms
Zoomorphic – A healing bear fetish
Marginal – the sunken spikes long the edge of the harbor
The Superstitions – iconic rocky mountains in Arizona

jupiter najnajnoviji

18 thoughts on “PICK A WORD FOR A PICTURE – MAY 2018 – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. We got the hosta with the house. This year, they are a bit less enthusiastic than usual, but I think they’ll be okay now that the weather is (mostly) nicer. Today’s not nice, though. It’s cold and wet and nasty. AND we are going to a funeral, which is totally the worst weather for something you don’t want to do anyway.

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    1. I was at a loss for zoomorphic and iconic. Then I thought of fetishes — very zoomorphic — and the Superstitions which show up in every movie about the west. That’s got to make them iconic, right?


    1. They were among the more unusual words. I was going to skip iconic and zoomorphic, but then I remembered the Superstition mountains (every western ever made has them in there somewhere) and I have a pretty big collection of Native American fetishes. Phew. Survived again! Marginal had me stumped so I just looked through the pictures and I saw that one and said, “Well — that’s pretty marginal, right?” It’s always fun trying to find a picture to match a word, especially when it’s not the kind of word you bump into every day 😀

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    1. Every time I see what my friend Ben calls “The Supes,” I can’t even imagine trying to survive in there. They are just sharp, barren rocks. Very unfriendly and you’re right — about as iconic as anything in our west.


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