COWS ON A DAIRY FARM – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Livestock

Nancy only photographs livestock on vacation. I only photograph them in the neighborhood, probably because this area is full of farms. Dairy farms and horse farms. A few llamas here and there and lots of chickens.

The cows are my favorite. They are friendly and I think they like having their pictures taken. They always give me their best side!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

17 thoughts on “COWS ON A DAIRY FARM – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. And indeed, they are dairy cows. They spend winter in the barn, but as soon as the weather warms up, they are out in the meadows and sometimes, down by the stream — if it’s really hot. Very friendly, easy-going cattle. They live like cows SHOULD live and so rarely do.

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  1. The ones I’ve met around here are rather shy but they are sometimes curious especially if I have Cindy with me. I wish I had a photo of the first time she saw a cow as a puppy. It was hilarious she was terrified and fascinated at the same time. Didn’t want to look but couldn’t help herself. I always keep her on the leash if I take her out. Apart from the traffic I’ve heard that cows can be a bit nasty with dogs.


      1. I used to walk our previous dogs a lot but we lived in the suburbs where there were footpaths, little traffic and a quiet beach we could go to. Here there are no footpaths and I have to walk on the verge of a road with a 100kph speed limit to get anywhere so I don’t like taking Cindy that way. She’s not as used to the leash as David used to take her to the leash free park in the car. I don’t drive and it is 3kms away so now we play fetch in the back yard for her exercise.


        1. Because we have a fenced yard and a doggy door, we haven’t bothered much with leash training. Oddly, they aren’t bad, except for tangling the lines and our feet and each other. But if we get them going in a line, they follow each other pretty well. But this is the country and three dogs are the wrong number to walk.

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  2. Wonderful photos, Garry and Marilyn! There isn’t a lack of livestock near where I live, I just only seem to photograph animals when I’m on vacation. I’m not sure why… πŸ™‚ Thanks for joining the challenge!


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