I DREAM OF LILAC TIME – Marilyn Armstrong

Flower of the Day – Lilac Time

Lilacs are my favorite flower.

Possibly, it is also my favorite scent. It all started with when Owen was born. May 7th in the middle of lilac season.

Back in the olden golden days, you were allowed to bring flowers into dreary hospital rooms and for the few days in the hospital — I think back then it was three or four — my room was absolutely full of lilacs.

Lilacs at the top of the tree

They were blooming and everyone went outside and cut them into huge bouquets.

Of course, you can’t do that anymore. There might be a bug on a branch or someone might be allergic and  hospital rooms can’t be cheery or hospitable. They have to be barren and easy to clean.

I ought to mention that the previous song was the top song of 1928 and was a big seller for many other performers, too. I know music has changed, but I don’t know any other songs about lilacs, so this one will have to do.

Despite this, I do love lilacs and I am glad we have a huge lilac tree. It would be nice if it were a little smaller and I could see the lilacs without a super zoom lens.

Closeup lilacs

I planted some miniature Korean lilacs when we first moved here and they were doing pretty well, but I think the past three or four winters just killed them off. That and having oak tree branches, which are often the size of ordinary trees, fall on them. I could find no sign of them at all this spring.

Our badly damaged old lilac tree is blooming and I thought you might enjoy looking at them. I wish I could include how wonderful they smell, but that’s not available yet in WordPress.

17 thoughts on “I DREAM OF LILAC TIME – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I’m a huge lover of lilac scents. I’ve planted two bushes so far, but eventually, I’d like to be know as the Lilac Lady for the number of lilacs that surround my house. Sadly, they are pretty damned expensive!


  2. I have two bushes, one on each side of my ‘yard’. They are bigger this year, one of them full of beautiful blossoms and scents, the other taller, but with those gorgeous dark purple lilacs. Like you, I love lilacs…apparently it’s a ‘family trait’…many of my predecessors had lilac bushes in their yards too..


  3. You’re describing one of my springtime nightmares…. I love the colours of them and unknowingly of their strong perfume I once planted a lilac tree in front of our bedroom. After a number of years we had to take it out and place it elsewhere.
    Now I have 2 white lilacs (yeah I know they are called lilacs…) but one of them made its last flowers, all the leaves are dried up and the tree is dead – it will be removed in due course. Being in a hospital room with lilacs in the room – – – I may not even think of it, I start hyperventilating! But they ARE gorgeous – I agree with you!


  4. The nice thing about lilacs is they have to be picked if you want them to be prolific. It’s a beautiful time of year – lilac time.


  5. We have a lilac bush on our property and it was in full bloom just two weeks ago. The scent was intoxicating! My husband and I both could sniff it out from at least 10 feet away.


    • We have a lot of real live skunks in the woods, but so far, have been spared that aroma. Down on the Vineyard, I remember that there was ALWAYS the smell of skunk almost everywhere. I think they got run over a lot.


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