Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

With a mere hint of Narcissism

I was reading through Rich’s story of ye olde days of vinyl records and remembering when we had probably a thousand pounds of them — between all of mine and all of Garry through 30 or more years of collecting — and how getting rid of them was really easy after they were all soaked when the basement flooded.

As for narcissism? Regard this and ponder the word and its meaning:

As I was remember fancy sound systems with speakers all of the room so you’d get the sound “just right” — if you sat right in the middle of the room which was pretty much impossible because there was inevitably a table or something else already in the middle of the room.

While thinking about this, what should pop out of the bottom drawer of my night table, but …

One Sony Walkman

I was pondering whether I should call a  museum and see if I could get a few bucks for it … and whether or not it might work, assuming there wasn’t an exploded battery inside it. I had to take a picture of it anyway. I mean — who has an almost perfect Sony Walkman anymore? I remember when this was THE device to have. Before cell phones and a thousand versions of listening thingies, this was the one to have. Now, they are trash. So goes the world.

And then, Garry found this one. What is most interesting is the question: you mean, we have water slides in Uxbridge? Where?

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Waterslides?

I also took a picture of what has to be the very last cactus flower.

Finally, the very last Christmas Cactus flower

On one of the many long rainy days of the past couple of months, a wistful picture of the Duke, looking out the window into the gloppy, muddy yard.

Duke on a rainy day

And finally, a laboring gardener, optimistically assuming that we are going to have a summer … if it stops raining. Any day now …

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Happy Sunday. Since I started writing this, we have had rain and sun, rain and sun. Right now, sunny … but I see the clouds coming back so soon? Who knows?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

21 thoughts on “MISCELLANY OF ODDBALL PHOTOS FOR CEE’S CHALLENGE – Marilyn & Garry Armstrong”

      1. I dunno about the waterslide. Mebbe a bait and switch.

        I do like the Napoleon cartoon. He better wash that hand before the cannons fire.

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  1. I believe I mentioned a massive upturn in temp. well we’re back to coolish. Which is good. That kind of heat is a shock to the system when it happens quickly. Going to be an interesting summer I think 🙂 Loved the pics too.

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  2. Aaaah, vinyl.., I must have at least a couple thousand records and fortunately no basement to flood. I still actually play these from time to time and I keep many because they’ve never been re-released in any other format. I’m the worst for holding onto old stuff like my first tape recorder (a Wollensak), old film cameras (most in mint shape), several cassette recorder/players, one of which I use to transfer stuff to digital formats for certain clients. Old watches, 2 dollar bills, silver dollars, a 1934 Philco table radio and much more. Sometimes I feel guilty for holding on these things. At other times I continue to be amazed at how well built some pieces are and that they still work.

    As for the “vinyl Revolution” here is a link to Acoustic Sounds where I counted 129 newly manufactured turntables and accessories; http://store.acousticsounds.com/index.cfm?get=results&start=1%20&CategoryID=111. You may also peruse their offerings in newly pressed records, many, of which, are current artists requesting that their products be offered on vinyl as well as CDs and streaming. WOW! Who knew.

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