Good choice of prompts for our day!

We’re off to see the wizard, in this case, the audiologist at UMass Memorial in Worcester. Hopefully, this will be the last step prior to setting an actual date for Garry’s cochlear implant surgery.


Off to see the wizard!

Let us hope this goes well!

Optimism reigns at Kachingerosa.

26 thoughts on “DISAPPEARING FOR THE DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

    • We are going back to see the doctor and the audiologist day after tomorrow. I think this will happen in a hurry now. Garry has a lot of reading to do tomorrow. Lots of technical material. This is some amazing surgery.


  1. Good luck! PS – Love that parking ramp photo (it is a parking ramp?) – I love the way you caught the curved edge of one building and the office tower on the other building, with the clouded sky overhead. Those particular clouds really set off that shot.


  2. Didn’t know that Garry was heading for a CI. As a former Speech/path, I knew and taught a lot of kids with them. Miraculous! I also know a fabulous ENT out of Worcester. Joe Oyer. Wondering if he is part of the team?


    • I know Garry was given information on at least one speech therapist at UMass. He has all the papers, so I’d have to look, but whether or not he will need therapy is hard to know. Some people find this easy and it all sort of happens. Others have to struggle to make sense of the sound. And apparently, you just can’t predict. His hearing has gotten so bad that now, both ears bad enough to need implants. He wasn’t sure he wanted the surgery. I think he is still scared of the whole surgical part of it, but it’s also obvious that if he doesn’t do it, he isn’t going to have much of a life. Even with aids, both of his ears are pretty much gone.


      • The people I know with implants all got them at a relatively young age, but all are thrilled with the results. I am hoping that Garry has the same experience!


        • He was worried about his age too, but he’s in really good health and if he doesn’t get it done, he will be entirely deaf pretty soon. He has very little hearing remaining in either ear, so there aren’t any other options. There aren’t any hearing aids that would help. Surgery is always scary, but sometimes, there’s no real choice. I think this is where we have landed. No real choice. I’m just grateful there is an implant to be done!!


    • Thank you ! Garry needed to talk with the doctor, not another audiologist. It wasn’t a long call, but it really helped a lot to know that he would be getting the same surgeon out here that he’d get at Mass Eye & Ear. Apparently, they have set up a whole new department in central Massachusetts for all of us who just can’t handle the drive and the traffic in and out of Boston. It’s kind of exciting and kind of scary and kind of a miracle — all at the same time!


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