Sharing My World: What A Week!

What household chore do you absolutely enjoy doing? (can be indoor or outdoor)

I don’t really enjoy household chores. I get a certain satisfaction from getting stuff done, but enjoying it? Not really. I’m just glad when it’s finished. Probably the best I can do with this is feeling pleased that something which needed doing got done. I won’t have to worry about it at least, not until the next time it needs doing.

Back when I had a spine that bent, I used to enjoy gardening, but these days, it’s more work and less fun. I still love the flowers, though. Even though it hurts.

Create a sentence with the words “neon green” and train.”

The neon green train roared across the Providence-Worcester bridge in Uxbridge.

Everyone stared, rubbed their eyes, then — being New Englanders — said “Well, that was different” and moved on. You can’t surprise people in this region. We’ve seen it all.

Other than your cell phone what can you always be found with?

A camera. Actually, you may not find the cell phone (though it’s usually somewhere in my purse, but not turned on), but there are cameras everywhere.

A bench full of cameras

If I’m in the house, computers too. I have too many cameras and I love them all. Each one is unique and special in its own way.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? 

Garry finally got to talk to the doctor who is going to do his cochlear implant and now things are moving forward. I think sometime before summer ends, the surgery. It’s kind of a miracle because it will be the first time in his life that Garry will be able to truly hear.

Then the long process of tuning up and learning the sounds and waiting for his brain to make it sound “normal.” Apparently, at some point for no known reason, your brain will turn the mechanical sounds you get from the implant and make them sound normal, like they used to sound when you could hear.

Why does it happen? No one knows, though many people have made good guesses. The brain is an amazing tool.

15 thoughts on “SHARING YOUR WORLD – IT’S BEEN QUITE THE WEEK! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I am very rarely found with my cellphone. Over a quarter of a century into the cellular phone revolution, and I still don’t see the use in lugging one around with me everywhere….


    • I keep it with me because it has a calendar on it and we have a lot of medical stuff going on. If I don’t want to double book and have to call back and remake the appointment, the calendar has both Garry AND my dates on it. As far as anything else, the only time I use it is to call ahead to tell someone we are going to be late or we are lost (again). It’s a useful emergency tool, when you need it. I just don’t want anyone actually CALLING me on it unless I’m on the road, so I lie and tell everyone I don’t have a phone. It’s true enough since it is never ON.

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    • I always have the cell in my bag — along with sunglasses and distance glasses and a bunch of other things including emergency medications I always have with me. And, of course, eyeglasses. But I didn’t want to get into list-making. I almost always have a camera — some kind even a little tiny one — with me. I have the cell with me because it has a calendar, so when I’m making appointments, I open it and check the dates, but I don’t depend on it otherwise.

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      • “Favorite” (?) Chore: Hmmnn. Laundry. After I’ve folded everything and put them on the living room table, I have a sense of achievement. Everything is neat and symetrical. I have a PHD in Laundry Folding.

        I love the smell of neon green gas as the 3:10 from Yuma Train speeds through town.

        Smile of the Week: Talking w/the Cochlear Implant Surgeon. He answered all my questions and left me with a sense of excitement. The anxiety is fading fast.

        Other Than a Cell: Don’t carry a cell unless I’m travelling alone on a long distance drive. My frequent companion is Cinnamon “Gub”. I love the taste of cinnamon “Gub”. No, I didn’t being enough gub for everybody.

        Nice Surpise: Word that “Murphy Brown” is returning this fall. Wonder if she can use a veteran reporter?


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