I used to look forward to reading the news. I know it sounds crazy, but every day I looked forward to reading about another advance in the Mueller investigation. It seemed to be moving inexorably toward its ultimate goal – the exposure of the crimes of Trump, his campaign and his family.

In my fantasy world, there would be a day of reckoning. Trump would be forced to resign or would be impeached. We’d get to watch all the shady characters around Trump get their comeuppance. Justice and the rule of law would be restored. And all this before the 2018 midterm elections!

Mueller is my only hope that something so cataclysmic will be revealed that even the soulless, spineless, amoral Republicans will throw up their hands and say “This is enough! We’re out!”

Unfortunately, my fantasy world is crumbling around me. The forces of evil seem to be winning – or at least not losing. Instead of anticipating exciting news from Mueller’s probe every day, I dread the day I’m going to read that Ron Rosenstein has been fired and that the Mueller investigation has been terminated. I know it’s coming. It’s just a question of when and how.

Once Mueller is gone, I’ll have nothing positive to look forward to politically except the 2018 elections. And they are too far away to get my blood boiling yet. Without my daily dose of hope from Mueller, I have nothing to blunt the impact of three and a half more years of a Trump Presidency. That is truly depressing.

I also don’t put too much hope for salvation on the upcoming elections. Even if the Democrats win the House of Representatives in November, they can impeach but they can’t convict and remove Trump from office. Only the Senate can do that with 67 votes – way more than the Democrats can even dream of winning.

So, barring a thunderbolt from Mueller, and soon, I can’t foresee anything keeping Trump from serving out his full term. And the damage he can do in three and a half more years is mind blowing!I feel for the country and fear for our democracy. I cringe at the thought of what this country will look like after four full years of a Trump Presidency.

I’m also selfish. How will I get through each day of Trump without a total moral and emotional breakdown? What will I cling to each day to get me through to the next? I can try to avoid the news. But for me, that can only last for a few days. I’m addicted and so is my husband. He’s even worse than I am.

Maybe after November, it will be enough for me to watch a Democratic House pummel Trump and renew criminal investigations into him and his merry band. Maybe that will be enough to keep me sane. Maybe it will be gratifying enough to watch the inevitable decline of the Republican Party. Maybe that will keep my spirits up.

Maybe watching Trump squirm under a Democratic thumb will brighten my days.

Who knows what will have happened by the time November rolls around? I pray it will be something with which I can maintain my equilibrium until the next national election.


  1. I’m actually terrified at this point. LIttle by little Old 45 is warping reality so that I can imagine him declaring himself dictator for life and the American people cheering. 😦


    • I’m getting more terrified too. I can’t believe that after everything he has done and said, Trump’s approval ratings have gone UP! Not by much, but in a direction that I just don’t understand at all. How can anyone still support this abomination? There are so many levels on which to hate this man and his administration. I just hope that enough Democrats have been motivated to vote that we will, in fact, create a wave that will swamp Trump and Co.

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      • Me too. I also want to see the Dems come up with something positive to offer people. Not just “Defeat Trump” but something concret and comprehensible to the average voter. I think in this climate (where Trump is becoming “normal”) that’s going to matter.

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    • When politics gets really dirty, that’s usually when the reformers come out in droves to ‘fix’ the system. We have hit rock bottom here in terms of corruption and incompetence. And we are seeing a huge wave of great people flooding into the system to try to take it back from the crooks and the hacks. That may happen in Canada too.


      • We are actually sending someone from the ruling party to jail. There are a few more who I’d like to see in jail. We’re at rock bottom and the party in power is TOAST!


  2. The midterm elections are already exciting in CA — we vote on June 5 in primaries. There are so many candidates for Governor that I can’t count them all — the two with the most votes move on to November, even if they are in the same party (It’s called a “top two election”). This creates a need for strategic voting — it’s almost a given that a Dem will win but the second place is a close race between parties — I will likely vote for the #2 Dem to keep the Rep from even being on the ballot, and even though he’s not necessarily my first choice for the spot!

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    • I am not sure when our primaries are, but probably in June or July. We’ve been so wrapped up in dealing with the house and Garry’s upcoming surgery, a lot of stuff is sort of floating past us. Not on purpose, just there are only so many things we can do at the same time.

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      • I hope my surgery is not the only bright light on the horizon. I’m being an optimist there.

        I really hope folks get out and vote in the midterms. Really, I DO. Send “You’re Fired” notes to the Idiot’s pals and supporters. I hope the young people rallies are relentless in reminding their elders of what must be done.

        2020 — Just a DREAM.


      • As long as you’re voting for a Democrat, you can’t go too far wrong. My area is so Republican that half the time there isn’t even a Democrat running at all for a local office!


        • It’s like that here too, but most Democrats … but some of them (many of them) don’t act like Democrats. I think “out in the wilds,” they do their own thing and party labels don’t apply like they do at higher levels of government.


    • Strategic voting makes total sense! You’re doing the right thing trying to block a Republican from even getting on the ballot. I wish we had a system like that in Connecticut.

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