Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books or Paper

Sometimes, I think my life consists entirely of books, papers, and dog hair. I’m not sure if that’s an exaggeration, either. It’s not that I haven’t given away thousands of books and off-loaded tons of paper. It’s that it keeps coming back.

Just a few odds and ends …

Remember “the paperless society?” Whatever happened to that? Remember when all you got when you left your doctor’s office was a receipt? Or not even that? Maybe a lollipop?

We needed room for the CD and DVDs … so the hallway is narrow. Just a bit

Now you get a sheaf of things to read. Homework. A bundle of papers showing every medication you’ve ever taken, every test, every appointment you made, cancelled, remade. Every upcoming appointment. Every doctor you’ve seen and notes from any conversations you may have had.

My collection of Gretchen Archer’s books and cup, if you please

And you have to sign for it, too. If I didn’t sign the privacy thing, would they stop handing me four pounds of paper each time I leave? Yesterday, leaving from our meeting with the audiologist, there was so much stuff to read, we needed two extra bags to carry it. Homework for Garry … and we are going back tomorrow, so he had to actually read it today.

It turns out, there was more to learn than he expected. He thought he knew everything about his ears, but there was more. Quite a lot more.

I try to leave a little room for a few knickknacks too. Fit them in with all the books …

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

16 thoughts on “DO WE HAVE ENOUGH BOOKS AND PAPER? Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. yes, did lot of reading on cochlear implant surgery options. Look forward to today’s session. I feel more informed.


  1. Our paper intake has really been reduced. We just have to remember where to find it all on the computer and the passwords of course. Good luck to Gary with his treatment


    1. We get MOUNTAINS of paper from our medical carriers. Tons of it. We get newspapers and magazines that we don’t remember to read. And for reasons I find baffling, people send me real books. I like books and collect some, but mostly I read on Kindle. So why do people send me hard cover books? What am I missing?

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  2. I think the paperless office was a myth right up there with CD’s can’t get scratched and we’d all have robot servants in the 21st century. Where is my robot servant?


  3. I usually only get a card with my next appointment that will no doubt end up being canceled due to the doctor’s unavailability. But once a year or so there will be the mountain of new paperwork regarding privacy and the office’s business policies I have to read and sign before the appointment, which I guess is a nice way to bide the time during my two hour wait…

    The paperless society. Only when we finally run out of trees. And even then, they’ll probably find something else to make paper out of to keep the bureaucracies up and running with inefficiency…


    1. By then, we’ll be making paper out of trash (because we will NEVER run out of trash. I think we get twice as much paper as we did 30 years ago and we don’t even look at it, much less read it.


  4. As much as I would like to have everything run smoothly and hence no need of all that paperwork, it doesn’t. There’s always something that hasn’t shown up and I do have to keep track, hence the mountain of papers that just keep piling up.


    1. I always ask if they can’t just send it electronically. They can in theory, but privacy laws abound, so they can’t. I’m pretty sure that the medical people are pretty fast and loose with privacy, but we get these mountains of paper. I could use a separate house JUST for the papers.

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    1. And we have given away thousands of books and movies (on tapes) and audiobooks. Half our local library are our books! And except for the occasional signed edition, ALL my books are on Kindle. Imagine if I bought real books. Gads.


  5. Interesting. I had not noticed the transition from maybe a receipt to sheaves and reams of paper when one does anything vaguely medical, but it’s true. That hospital stay last week netted me a new stack of paper to be shredded. Thank goodness for paper shredders anyway… like you, I drowned in a sea of paper and dog hair…you aren’t alone if that’s of comfort! 😉


    1. Our world is drowning in trash. No one reads the stuff. No one needs all the paper. Everyone, even people who aren’t computer literate, can read something on screen. It just keeps getting worse.


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