I, CLONE – Marilyn Armstrong

Doppelganger So my clone went to the police station this morning to report being hacked. It wasn't a crime because I was massively inconvenienced, but nothing was stolen. They tried, they failed. I spent all day yesterday until the wee hours of the morning trying to reconstruct my computer. It's now about 75% done. I … Continue reading I, CLONE – Marilyn Armstrong

MY BROTHER MATTHEW – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week - Siblings My brother was four years older than me. We did the usual scrabbling and arguing as kids, but over all, we were friends and allies in a seriously dysfunctional home. How dysfunctional I would not know until we were teenagers, but it was bad.   Matthew left home -- … Continue reading MY BROTHER MATTHEW – Marilyn Armstrong


On February 11, 1972, my 88-year-old grandfather was hit by a truck crossing a street in New York City. His left side was smashed and a broken rib punctured his lung. Within 24 hours he was in a coma. My mother, grandmother and I camped out in the waiting room of the I.C.U at Roosevelt … Continue reading LOVE IN INTENSIVE CARE – Ellin Curley