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The VFW raising money with its own hot dog stand!

Always wanted to fight fires? C’mon down! Uxbridge wants YOU!

They love us and they tell us so. Now, if ONLY taxes would go down too!

There’s been a fair bit of odd stuff going around town. I thought I had lost the month of May, but almost everything I really wanted was on the original chip, so I’ve been processing like mad — and there is so much more to be done. But for now, this is as good as it gets.

Alice Bridges Bridge over the Mumford River

Yes, I did!

I need to NOT work on the computer for a while!


GET A LAWN, MR. WILKINS – Rich Paschall

The Green, Green Grass, by Rich Paschall

Rusty liked to get out and walk around the neighborhood.  It was a pleasant community with quaint old houses.  In fact, some of the houses were over one hundred years old, as were the trees planted in front of them.  Many homes were kept in fine condition by their owners, while others showed the sad effects of the many years they had been standing.  Rusty always spotted something new or different to enjoy during his walks.  One thing he could usually count on, as he strolled down Wallace Street on a weekend, was the presence of one particular old timer tending to his yard.

“Good morning, Mr. Wilkins,” Rusty exclaimed as he came upon the old house with a grand porch and nice lawn.  “The grass is looking very good this Spring.”

“Thanks, my friend,” Mr. Wilkins replied.  Everyone Mr. Wilkins addressed was “my friend” or “neighbor” or perhaps “sir” or “ma’am.”  Mr. Wilkins was very bad at remembering names no matter how often he heard them.  He was usually just fixated on the care of the old house and his beautiful lawn.

“I must say, Mr. Wilkins, I am surprised you are still at it. I thought you mentioned a dozen years ago that you would give this all up and retire to a warmer climate where there would be no lawn care.”

That is exactly what Mr. Wilkins had said.  He told many people that.  He wanted to retire to a nice area where a lawn service would take care of all the outside surroundings.  He wanted to relax in his old age and pursue his favorite hobbies.  He wanted to read more books, watch more sports and visit more museums and art galleries.  In his mind, he could envision a life different from the one he had for many years.  Nevertheless, he was still active in the same tasks that had now filled decades of his life.

“Yes, that was my plan, but as I approached retirement age I found I could not retire.  There just is not enough money there if I should live a long life.  I guess I will have to work as long as I can, then hope for the best.  I don’t think I will ever leave here.”

“Well, I guess I am sorry to hear it Mr. Wilkins, but you should feel good about this grand old house.  I believe your hard work had paid off. You have a lovely yard and a beautiful porch from which to admire it.”

“Thank you, neighbor,” Mr. Wilkins responded with a tone of true gratitude.  Complements on the lawn were always well received.  “There are some in the neighborhood with perfect lawns.  They have thick green grass and not a weed in sight.  I often wonder how they do it.  I hope I have such a lawn before my time is up.”

“This looks like the year of the perfect lawn, Mr Wilkins.  Now don’t work too hard.  This is the time to enjoy life.  Have a nice day.”  Rusty was off on his neighborhood journey.

Mr. Wilkins spent the Spring and early summer in pursuit of his favorite hobby, the lawn and garden.  His grass got the spring “weed and feed.”  He had tried various products over the years in search of the one with the best result.  A few bare spots got extra attention as Mr. Wilkins got down to loosen the dirt and then sprinkle his favorite grass seed.

Mother Nature cooperated with Mr. Wilkins like she had never done before.  The rain held off when certain products needed to be applied in dry weather.  The showers came when the seeds needed it and the grass required moisture.  Everything was coming along as Mr. Wilkins had always dreamed.

One day in early summer, Rusty was wondering down Wallace Street during his usual walk around the neighborhood.  “Good morning, Mr. Wilkins.  How are you this morning?”

“I am doing quite well,” the old-timer lied.  “How are you?”

Mr. Wilkins was tired, very tired.  He was pushing himself to do the things that came easy in past years.  He desperately wanted to do all the chores he felt were necessary to have a fine lawn and beautiful porch.  The work did not come without great effort.

“I am enjoying my walk past the many nice homes,” Rusty explained. “I must compliment you on the nice flowers and exceptional lawn. I think this is not only your best one yet, but perhaps the best one in the neighborhood. I should know. I have seen them all”

At that, Mr. Wilkins perked up. There were no better words for him than the ones expressed by his kind neighbor.

“Thank you so much, my friend. I am so happy to hear it,” Mr. Wilkins stated with a great deal of pride. “I believe the weather has been a big help this year.”

“I am sure your hard work had everything to do with it. Well, enjoy your fine yard and don’t work too hard anymore.” At that, Rusty wandered away and left Mr. Wilkins beaming with pride.

With complete satisfaction at his front lawn and neat row of flowers, Mr. Wilkins gathered up his gardening tools and headed back behind the house. There he set down his garden implements and just admired the lawn.

Related image

The green, green grass of home

“After all these years,” he said to himself, “I finally have a beautiful lawn. I wonder what brought it to me this year.”

As the sun was warm and the lawn was lush and inviting, Mr. Wilkins decided to lie down on the green, green grass where he drifted off peacefully.

No one found him until the next day.


I haven’t written a blog in quite a while. For this I apologize. Or, depending how you like or dislike my blogs, you’re welcome. I’m been trying to figure out why I haven’t written anything lately. I don’t have writers block. I’ve had that before.

This is different. There are dozens of things a day that I either read about or watch on the news that would normally drive me to a blog. The problem is, any of the things I see that normally drives me to write a blog doesn’t work because I’ve already written a blog about it!

The president is nuts.  Done that. More than once.

Our reality can’t possibly be real. Done that. More than once.

The president is really, really nuts. Really done that. Really a whole bunch of times.

I mean, why write about the same thing I wrote about a year ago? It’s still as current now as it was then. Just repost the old blog.  That’s not writing. That’s clerical work. I need staff. I need people. “My people will call your people. They’ll do lunch.”

Then I thought, I’ll just write a blog about nothing. It worked for Seinfeld. That was a show about nothing.

But then I realized, it wasn’t a show about nothing. Every episode was about something! It was just a good marketing slogan that seemed to make sense. Unless you thought about it.

So, I’m right back where I started. I can’t write a blog about nothing because in order to write a blog about nothing I’d have to write a blog about something. And I got nothing. (Yeah, I know, it’s grammatically correct to say, “I’ve got nothing”, but lets’ get real. Nobody talks like that).

Then I thought, I could go through my notes! I try to write down ideas for blogs as soon as I think of them. Mostly because if I don’t, they’re gone in about 15 seconds. Most fall into the following three categories.

1 – Bad.
2 – Really bad.
3 – Oh my God, how much was I smoking when I wrote that?

But, I also get a lot of ideas that actually turn into blogs. So, I took out my notes.

Here’s one I jotted down on April 30th, 2018 – “Everything new is old again.”

My first thought when I read this was “that was definitely a category 3”. But then I realized it basically says the same thing as “Everything old is new again.”

It’s just a much more pessimistic way of saying it. Interesting, but no blog there.

Let’s see what else I’ve got. On April 18th, 2018  I wrote – “Women are taking over. Lysistrata 2.0. Enough is enough.”

Hmmm. It’s worked before. Lysistrata is a comedy by the Greek author Aristophanes. In it, the women of Greece put an end to the Peloponnesian War by denying sex to their spouses until they stop fighting. It worked.

Lysistrata 2.0 “You’re sleeping on the couch!”

Today, there’s the “Me Too” movement, the “Times Up” movement and the fact that record numbers of women are running for office and they’re winning.  Women, this is  a tool you’ve always had in your toolbox . And IT REALLY WORKS! It could be the next big movement. Lysistrata 2.0!  Think of the signs and slogans you can make!

“Deny your husbands dicks until they stop being pricks.”

It worked in ancient Greece. It’ll work today. But is that whole blog? I don’t know. Maybe.

What else do I have?

On Jan. 25th, 2018 I jotted this down.

“Trump is depressing and destroying real conspiracy groups with all his ridiculous conspiracies. Groups like the Illuminati, The Templars and the Tri-Lateral Commission are freaking out. Trump is way, way weirder then they are.

TEMPLARS: WTF! We’ve been plotting to rule the world and do evil things since the frigging Middle Ages! And this guy blows us out of the water in one fucking year????? Hmmm, again, probably true, but not a blog.

Anything else? Let’s see, there’s a whole bunch more here. But they all turned into actual blogs. Oh wait. Here’s one from Jan 5th, 2018.

“I want to write about new things, but I can’t. I’ve already written it. It’s not Groundhog Day. It’s Groundhog year.

I was surprised to read that. I forgot I wrote it. I only found  it in the middle of writing this blog. Great. Here I thought I had an original idea for a blog only to realize I had the idea months ago.

Damn you, category 3.

Anything else? Nope. That was it. I got nothing.

A blog about nothing.

Isn’t that something?



FROM PAULA: I am sorry I can’t always keep this photo challenge a weekly event due to my ever-increasing workload and stresses at work, but whenever I can, I’m happy to be here to challenge you and look at your entries. For this week I thought it would be a good idea to tackle “saturation”. It can be interpreted as colour saturation in photography – especially evident in the image post-processing, which is what I did in my examples below, but you can also take it from another angle. Did you know that you can be saturated with work too? 

I can’t get to my photography in a normal way because I’ve been hacked and my PC is closed down until it gets fixed. So … I winged this one. Probably not my most brilliant work, but it was as good as I can do on this computer without any of my normal processing tools!

Is this more or less saturation? Technically, this is higher saturation but I think it appears less saturated because I changed the tint slightly. 

As I said: technically, this is less saturated than the first picture. Really, the problem is not just definition, but perception. Same picture, but the details are sufficiently different to change the nature of how you see it. 

jupiter najnajnoviji