A LOT MORE PAIN TO COME – Marilyn Armstrong

From: ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP by Steven Brill "Donald Trump's victory and this current political crisis were decades in the making. This moment is a reflection of serious institutional and structural problems in American society. How do you make sense of it all? During the 1960s I was part of a generation that benefited from … Continue reading A LOT MORE PAIN TO COME – Marilyn Armstrong


Broken I got up this morning in a pretty good mood. Bright sun, not humid. Looks like a nice day as spring heads into summer. Put up the coffee, gave the dogs treats. My son came over to install the new router and that's when things started to go downhill. I hate new routers. It … Continue reading BROKEN? ALSO, DISCONNECTED – Marilyn Armstrong

CEE’S SHARE YOUR WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

Share Your World If you were to pack a basket for picnic lunch, what would be in your basket? First of all, I'm not an enthusiastic outside eater, not matter how nice the weather is. At the beach, there is sand and everywhere else there are ants and flies. We used to cook on the … Continue reading CEE’S SHARE YOUR WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong