Bridge and canal in May

We had just enough sunshine to get out of the house and down to the canal. About an hour in total.

Reflections in the water. You can see the fallen pollen from the oak trees floating on the water

A quiet day with the river shining like glass. May telling me that summer really is here … or nearly so.


12 thoughts on “BLACKSTONE RIVER AND CANAL IN MAY – Marilyn Armstrong

    • I love the area. I even love the river. I could do without the enormous insect life we support, but you can’t have one without the other. In this valley, it is actually impossible to be more than a quarter of a mile distant from a body of water. The water is everywhere. Sometimes, you can’t see it because there are trees or a hill, but there is always water very nearby. We even have our own little pond way back on our property. I’ve never gone that far into the woods because I’m afraid I’d get lost which would be humiliating and possibly dangerous. In winter, though, when the leaves are off the trees, I can see it.

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