Favorite and Final – Morning in Peacham, Vermont

Two pictures, both taken on the same morning in Peacham, Vermont.

The mist is heavy in the valley early in the day
More mountains appear as the mist begins to lift with the arrival of the sun

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

21 thoughts on “THE FAVORITE … ALL TIME? MAYBE, BUT THE FUTURE LIES AHEAD … Marilyn Armstrong”

        1. It really is breathtaking. In Vermont — I’m not making this up — they have to pay an extra tax for “beautiful viewing.” If you have an exceptional view, they add anywhere from 5 – 25% extra taxes on your house. So who judges how beautiful your view is? Do they have a specialist who has a catalog of possible “views”?

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          1. A beautiful view tax!?!? Boy, I wish we had this in Illinois… I think most of the people in my city would be getting paid BY the state for the dismal view we have of the steel plants and refineries around here. Oh, and no mist…. but the smog is really pretty this time of the year!


      1. We get them here too in the Huon Valley. I always remember the comment of a local bus driver when we climbed out of the valley one morning and it was all spread out below us “just like a great big doona.”


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