It may be grubby, but it’s home.

Home is …

where the DVRs record the shows we watch.

where the bed is comfortable and we can sleep.

where the dogs are … dirt and all.

where the furniture isn’t classy, but is back-friendly and lets me put my feet up so my ankles don’t swell.

where my stuff lives.


It’s grubby. Frayed at the edges. Dusty. Full of memories, hopes and dreams. It ain’t fancy, big, or likely to impress anyone. Lots of things need fixing, replacing, painting, cleaning.

For all that, it’s incredibly comfortable. It has soft edges and inviting places to sit and rest. The roof don’t leak … and most of all,  it’s ours.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

18 thoughts on “HOME AND THE GIANT FIX-IT LIST – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Those last two words are so important. For people like us on low incomes if you don’t have a home of your own life is so much harder. Trying to pay rent, feed yourself, keep warm and clean is almost impossible on a low income here and I know it is the same for you in the USA probably worse. Too many people become homeless for no fault of their own even if they work.


      1. Houses always need something, but when you rent it too needs something but the landlord seldom does the repairs. You’re gradually getting a lot done Marilyn.


          1. That’s actually quite a lot done. At the beginning of the year we had our basement dug up, as well as the front garden and two holes in the driveway when they had to replace the sanitary pipes. I’ve been cleaning up ever since.


      1. It’s a good thing I’m working on mine well before the time when I need to sell it — the first estimate was over twenty grand, although I’ve trimmed it to about 10.


        1. We could probably repair it for 10, but to really get it up to where it ought to be? Twenty. And we don’t have anything like that. All the windows need replacing. Like THAT’s going to happen in this lifetime.


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