I’m up for trying anything, mostly. As long as it isn’t excessively painful or expensive.

I was retrospective yesterday. Anyone who wants to read yesterday’s retrospectivity conundrum can do so by clicking this here LINK.

Otherwise, let’s see how it goes. This one is a bit complicated for me. It’s a lot of bouncing around in a single week and I tend to get a bit lazy about that, but I’m “game on” trying to thumb my nose of WordPress, the curs.

Foggy super-moon

Today I feel less far less retrospective and more sticky. The temperature has gone way down from yesterday, but the humidity has gone way up. I can’t remember the author who, misunderstanding the word “humidity” substituted “stupidity” and came up with the murderous yet childishly charming line:

“It’s not the heat. It’s the stupidity.”

If you think about all the scurrying around we are doing because WordPress is too freaking lazy to do a bit of work for the money they get paid, it really is the stupidity. Just saying.

May our efforts meet with success and we be less stupid than those who have gone before us!

So here’s what you can expect going forward (today’s prompt is retrospective, and I’m mostly being prospective): A daily prompt should post every morning, starting tomorrow, June 1. Currently, they arrive at 6 am mountain daylight time (which is 12 noon Greenwich mean time), and I’m suggesting that this continue. That said, some of your new prompters live in very different time zones, I think we are from Europe, the US, and Australia, so flexibility may be important. I’m listing the prompters along with their days and their sites below. If you follow each of the prompters, then you will have immediate access to their prompt.

Monday:  Sgeoil

Tuesday: Lorna, Gin and Lemonade

Wednesday: Curious Cat

Thursday: Tracy, Reflections of an Untidy Mind

Friday: Steph, Curious Steph

Saturday: Mary, Cactus Haiku

Sunday: Patty, Lovenlosses

We will use ragtag daily prompt as a tag as well as including it in the title, so if you search by that tag, you should find something.

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  1. Thanks Marilyn. Apparently choice is good. That’s the usual refrain from the powers that be when they want to take away a service that people actually find useful (like the DP), only to have it replaced by bandaid solutions. But it is what it is, so I’m glad you’ve decided to play along. Kind regards. Tracy.

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    • I’ve watched so many websites and other organization get big and powerful then cut their own throats and vanish. I have an ugly feeling that’s what WP is doing but I’m at a point in my life where I don’t think I have it in me to start a new blog. So I’ll do what I can to keep it alive and growing, but this whole thing with WP is so disappointing. I kept hoping they would turn it around, but obviously not.

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      • It’s odd, Marilyn. One week’s notice. We may never know the full story. I can’t keep up with my blog as it is. Don’t know how you do it. 🙂


        • I don’t know how I do it either, but I do have help — other writers. I am sure I couldn’t do it alone anymore and as it is, a lot of my stuff is pictures with a few captions. I can write one “real” piece in a day and one small piece. Sometimes, something hits me and I do something bigger, but most of my posts are pretty short.

          I don’t know WP’s exact reasons for whatever they do, but count on it having to do with money. Corporations don’t do anything unless they think it will make them more money. Once upon a time, there were some exceptions, but not any more. Greed is IN.

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  2. It was James Thurber, wasn’t it: “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity…it’s not even you, it’s my hyperacidity.” It seems really hard to find online, since they say it’s a proverb, and some even say Proverb as in biblical–hmm.


  3. I am there, in for a penny in for a RagTag I say.

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  4. Well I did get a chuckle from this one.


  5. Lots of new options for people looking for one-word writing prompts, eh?


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