I’m imagining my life if I really won the lottery. Would I fix this house, or knock it down and build a new one? What kind of car would we get?

I’m imagining spending the worst months of winter in a warmer climate … like … Arizona maybe? I’m imagining getting my teeth properly fixed and Garry getting whatever is on his wish list. Being able to afford to get the dogs groomed — which would require that they find the time to take them. I don’t think more money would help with that!

What does Duke dream about?

I’m not imagining how this would change my body because — other than my teeth — it won’t. We are what we are. With all the money in the world, we aren’t going to be doing vast amounts of traveling, although I suppose flying first class might beat out Economy. Okay so maybe a little better.

The ultimate non-repairable problem is you can’t buy youth or health. These matters are in the hands of larger powers than the lottery.

This is my favorite form of dreaming — the one where we get all the money we need and imagining how we can use it. Who we can help. How many others we can help dig out of the holes getting older has pushed them into.

Then I realize we have a problem.

We never buy lottery tickets. We intend to buy them, but we forget.  No danger of winning. Or losing.

No tickets, no bushels of bucks. Next time?

21 thoughts on “DREAMING OF LOTTERY WINS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I sometimes dream of a few millions too… but I am the same like you, I barely play lottery. I did this two times last year with my mother together, we got at least the ticket money back, which is why we played a second time. We then got the ticket money back again but this time we just went into a restaurant. Nothing lost. But the ultimate plan was of course to become millionaire.

    A few millions would make life easier, but you’re right, you can’t buy health. Also I like what my grandpa once said “If I never would have played the lottery, I would be wealthy”. They played every weekend but stopped at some point. I dig his message, we’re probably better off just puting the money into a savings box. The chance is just too little to become millionaire by chance. 🙂


  2. I used to do the lottery, but when I worked it all out, I paid out more than I won. It’s nice to have some spare cash, but I really have no great wishes. Money cannot buy a cure for MS and my computers are all working fine at the moment


  3. My husband always refers to the lottery as a “tax on the stupid”…..so obviously we don’t play. Which means, of course, that my dreams involve suddenly inheriting millions from an uncle I never knew existed!


    • Sadly, anyone from whom I might have inherited anything is already dead. And we aren’t the kind of family that has an ancient unknown uncle in Scotland. I really do need to buy a ticket. Any day now.


  4. The odds of winning the lottery are next to nothing. If you buy the tickets. They are nothing if you don’t 😉 I buy lottery tickets like once a year. It’s as if it’s not worth it unless I win a half a billion dollars or something outrageously big. Oh well, on the other hand, like you, I’m not throwing dollar after dollar hoping for that one in a trillion chance.


    • Every once in a while, I just happen to have a couple of real dollars and I’m someplace where they sell tickets. But mostly, I don’t have ANY cash and I’m not anywhere they sell tickets. This way, I can dream and yet almost never spend any money. It’s a win-win, except for not winning anything.

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  5. I’m the same, dreaming of what I’d like to do but rarely buying a ticket. I am not interested in joining the jet set. Travel yes and first class would be a lot pleasanter as flying is not a lot of fun and anything that improves airports has got to be better but I don’t want a Ferrari or designer dresses because I just don’t need them or care about them. A comfortable home, a little travel, hobbies, being able to help people and causes that matter to me. That’s all I want.


  6. The trouble with most lotteries is they can be so large, they really are life changing and not always for the good. Most people just need a little more so life isn’t so difficult. Some people have to chose between paying their rent of eating and that just isn’t right. (I don’t care what country it is).


      • Lottery Dreams: Always a good subject.

        1 – Take care of our immediate and looming health issues. Teeth, ears and aches that can be soothed with massages.

        1a- Pay off all debts, including mortgage.

        2 – House improvements – everything to make the place an attractive sales item regardless of the market and interest. Make it clean and more enjoyable to reside in. Make house more comfortable for Marilyn. An upgrade of our lawn and gardens. “Botox” the long, ugly driveway.

        3- A “summer” car. A “classic” ragtop for warm weather, local drives.

        4 – A garage – for the summer cahrr and our all seasons jeep. No scraping and wiping down after snow.

        5 – First class air tickets — Paris (A Marilyn bucket list item). South Seas, Australia/NZ, and Hawaii. (Garry bucket list items. Hawaii’s been down graded because of issues with Mother Nature. Still would love to visit and get a lei.) Hollywood — I know classic Cinema land no longer exists but I would still love to visit the studios and see Beverly Hills. A movie maven’s dream.

        6 – Vanity wish. Something to conceal my bald, widening chrome dome. No longer a major issue but “Gee whiz”, something for those rare social outings.

        7 – More frequent “spa sesssions” for our furry children. They don’t care. We do.

        8 – Chauffeur commute and season tickets (good seats!) for Bosox at Fenway.

        – 30 –


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