I was supposed to go to the dentist. It’s pouring and it’s cold and I don’t feel well, so I deferred until tomorrow. My body does not like this weather and the dogs don’t like it either. When it’s raining this heavily, they decide that housebreaking is optional. Optional for them, but not for me. I cleaned up twice, gave them fresh water and went back to bed.

It’s the Cretaceous out there. Maybe a bit Jurassic. My stomach is in knots and this is not going to be my day to take care of my world. Call me primitive, but I’ve cared for enough. Someone else is caring for me or no one is caring for anyone.

See you all later! Like tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “PRIMITIVE SKIES – THE SULLEN RAIN – Marilyn Armstrong

    • The dogs are all giving me their saddest eyes. It isn’t to make ME feel better. I am supposed to entertain them in this rainy season. As for Garry, he is happy on his computer. But I think he might make me a sandwich, if I ask nicely.

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