Everyone knows that Roseanne Barr’s new TV sitcom has been canceled because of racist/conspiracy theory tweets she made.

I am thrilled! It may be mean-spirited of me to wish bad things on people that I consider vile, misogynistic, racist and anti-fact. But this is particularly well deserved.

Roseanne Barr, the actress, is a Trump supporter and advocate of the worst conspiracy theories and racism that are promulgated by the right-wing media. One of her goals for her show was to reveal a more nuanced, more favorable and relatable image for the middle-class Trump supporter. Instead, she proved the worst that we liberals believe about the typical Trump/right-wing supporters.

I am very happy that Hollywood gave up a popular, lucrative show for moral/political reasons. Their values and the values that most Americans share turned out to be more important than profit. At least in this one, egregious case. Money did not talk. Profit was not the God to be worshipped. The ABC network put morality and decency above their bottom line.

Roseanne’s behavior obviously embarrassed ABC. She put them in the spotlight and subjected them to an avalanche of negative press and pressure from viewers and sponsors. But they could have resisted to save their number one show on TV. This shows ‘character’ if you can attribute human characteristics to a corporation. It also shows that decent people have clout when it comes to extreme racism and fact bashing. Maybe not every time, but I feel hopeful.

I watched Roseanne’s first episode and actually liked it. But I refused to watch it as my own personal, political statement. I didn’t want Trumpettes to get a reputation whitewash. I wouldn’t support that. Now I don’t have to cringe when I hear how Trump supporters are being portrayed as nice and decent, but struggling people.

You blew it, Roseanne! The truth is out! You are as bad as we liberals think you are!


  1. I disliked Roseanne the first time she was on and I dislike her now. She was always a loudmouthed ignoramus, but now she has managed to spew her feelings all over the world. It’s good ABC fired her — but they shouldn’t have HIRED her in the first place. They knew what they were getting.

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      1. I thought her shows were okay, but nothing I would spend time watching regularly. Maybe I balked at the overpowering glorification of the working class. Or the way it was done. Also, Roseanne always seemed to be laughing at her own jokes, which annoyed me from a professional actor. All in all, good riddance.


    1. I can separate a performer from his or her performance. There are actors whose politics I disagree with or who have said things I find reprehensible. I don’t bycott their movies or shows. But Roseanne crossed a huge line. In content and volume of hate, she made it all about her, not her show.


      1. I won’t watch any of Mel Gibson’s stuff either. I just won’t. I don’t care that he “apologized.” I didn’t believe the apology and I’m NOT good at separating the actor from their personal opinions.


  2. And then of course there’s mr. neutral, John Goodman, whom I like, anyway, even if he does his best to appear as a lumpy middle aged doofus. And very effectively divorcing himself from the whole thing, and saying, “well, I wasn’t gonna get an emmy anyway…”

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    1. I like John Goodman too. He was so much better than Roseanne as an actor, he left her in the dust. He is a decent person too, which is way more than anyone can say about Roseanne.

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      1. Ellin, often we are lumped together by the company we keep or our work associates. Tommy and I have gone through this with the media hating crowd.


    1. There have to be some boundaries. I’m afraid the Trump supporters will use Samantha Bee as “backlash” fodder with the midterms approaching. Can’t give them any edge.

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    2. I understand how Samantha felt, but she did it and deserves to get what she paid for, even though I really like her. That’s not the point. I feel like that in my head, but it doesn’t come out of my mouth. We all need to have limits. Everyone. Right, left, and off the wall.

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    3. I think what Samantha Bee did was in a totally different category than Roseanne. She used a curse word, which Trump himself and his supporters have used, even on tee shirts. Calling someone a name is different than the abject racism and spouting of conspiracy theories that Roseanne did. One is bad taste. The other is morally and socially and humanely wrong on many levels.

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      1. I get the difference, but there are many who don’t, won’t, and can’t. I lost count long ago of how many women I’ve known who believe that the ‘C’ word is the worst thing one could call a woman. Whether one can detect the nuances, it is ammunition the Right didn’t need.


        1. I agree, but she really WAS over the line. Everyone — especially public persons — need to keep their mouths in check. Whether she was as bad as Roseanne or just bad is neither here nor there. She was bad enough. I even understand where she was coming from … but sometimes, you have to let your brain make the decision on what your mouth spits out.

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      2. Ellin, I think we’re in agreement. I might share with you and Tommy how I feel about someone I dislike. Might even use strong language. But that’s in the privacy of your home.

        To use your public “Bully pulpit” is another thing. It’s mirroring what POTUS and his people do. All repugnant and leaves everyone looking rather nasty.


    4. Ceaseless, I think Samantha was headed in that direction. Someone has to draw the line without saying “But POTUS and his people say the same stuff”. We could become a Pottymouth nation. By jove, I think we are.

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    1. Crude is a good word. That may be what I didn’t like about her. Being middle class doesn’t necessarily mean that you are crude. But she pushed that image. She was not doing the middle class any favors in her show. And now, she’s just proved that the typical trump supporter truly is a crazed racist who will believe any bizarre theory about someone they don’t like.

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