Although this hasn’t affected WordPress, my email has been walloped by more than six thousand spam messages in the last hour. About 5,000 were caught by the Google’s spam catcher. I took care of the rest AND changed my password.

For safety’s sake — for me and everyone — I deleted pretty much everything I had in my inbox, trash, and “sent” sections, then rebooted.

I was hit like this once before, but it was on WordPress. This seems to be limited to Gmail. They don’t have my password —  I just changed it again and even I don’t remember it without looking it up — but whoever is doing this is being extremely annoying. I don’t want to change email unless I must. So many things are attached to this email, it would be a real hassle. If I have no choice, I’ll do it.

And Facebook assured me it wasn’t going to be a real problem. They wrote me and TOLD me that. Liars.

Meanwhile, as far as I can tell, there’s no threat to anyone but me.

Just letting you know. I was one of the people hit by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and their televised apologies just aren’t working for me these days. I’m pretty sure that’s where all of this is coming from, though I can’t figure out what in the world they hope to gain from it. It’s annoying, but unless I was dumb enough to actually open any of these, they remain harmless.

We also installed a new router. To the degree that any home user can be protected, we are. I have to assume these guys think if they just keep swamping me with emails, sooner or later, I’ll open something.

I won’t. I promise.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

25 thoughts on “SIX THOUSAND SPAM MESSAGES IN AN HOUR – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I have a g-mail but never really use it. The only Mails i receive are WordPress notifications. My private stuff all goes through the messenger. I very rarely actually send emails


    1. I do a lot of business on the internet. YOU may not send much, but I bet Marcel does. If you pay bills online, someone is dealing with the bank and various utilities and shops and all that. Messages about deliveries and receipts for purchases are ALL email, even if they aren’t personal. And none of this stuff was personal and it was all obviously spam.

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  2. I changed my email-provider in 2014 what meant a bunch of work. Now with STARTMAIL, this is Dutch, and no spam problem anymore, meaning in 99,9 % of all days the spam-file is empty, all spam is filtered before and does not reach me, neither the inbox nor the spam-file. They also do take special care of real data security. So it is really worth looking for a good provider.

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  3. One of my children works in internet security, and she’s always warning me to take precautions. It’s scary, too, when something like this happens. Annoying as well, of course.


    1. I had by then — because I’d been hacked just a week ago — taken every protective precaution I could. Short of giving up the internet, you do the best you can. And it seems to be going away as quickly as it arrived, but I didn’t want to take a chance I’d missed something, but I have zero spam on this website, so I think it’s gone.

      Mostly, aggravation. So far, so good. Facebook really owes me.


        1. Someone must fall for all this stuff. But when they send out literally THOUSANDS of spam emails all to the same address, I suspect even the least computer savvy person would be a bit suspicious of discovering thousands of spam emails all at the same time. So I don’t see the point. It’s more like someone just wants to piss me off.

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    1. I’m sure this is all part of the larger Facebook mess. THEY gave my email to Trump’s stooge Russian operators which I know because THEY TOLD ME THEY DID IT. Then they said, “not to worry, it wasn’t going to be a problem.” Of course, it has been nothing but an endless problem.

      Will it ever end? I suppose at some point they’ll get tired of trying to beat me up and try someone else. There’s really isn’t anything I can do except change accounts and go through all me gazillion accounts and change the email in each of them. The idea is really appalling.

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        1. Fortunately, I’m pretty good at handling stuff, but I think it’s the same assholes who tried to hack me last week. They are mad that they didn’t get money from me then, so all they are doing it being really annoying. I suppose they figure they can annoy me to death.

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  4. When I purchased a new phone the salesgirl asked me for my Gmail account info to set things up. I told her I didn’t have a Gmail account. She looked dumbfounded. I don’t need Gmail to make a phone call and text messages. My phone is not my life and Google gets nothing from me. Good luck with all this stuff you have been going through. Good gosh, Marilyn! When does it end?


    1. It started because of Facebook, so when Cambridge Analytica, Trump’s Russian stooge group got hold of my email, they started making all kinds of problems. So far, other than actually buying a new router which I probably needed anyway, it hasn’t cost me money. It has, however, been a major annoyance.

      Even though I KNOW it’s all because of Facebook, there’s nothing I can do about it — especially because it hasn’t actually cost me any money. Just a lot of hours and frustration and worry. But no money.

      I suppose it will end when they decide I’m not worth bothering with and they move on to someone else.

      We use a lot of Google stuff. We share a calendar, so we don’t step all over each other’s appointments. We both have Gmail email which runs well, especially compared to some of the other places I used in the past. My contact list and Garry’s are coordinated (mostly) so if he can’t find the number, usually I can. I don’t use the cell phone often for anything, but I do use the calendar. Every now and then, it’s useful if the power is out and I need to call the electric company who likes keeping their phone number a secret from those who use their services. My favorite is when they send me messages about finding them online when the power is out. I think they don’t get that when the power is out, so it the wifi — but hey, they are only the electric company. They don’t need to know anything.

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      1. Oh I know – it’s the same story with our French provider. In the last week/10 days our line is ‘down’ at least once per day, but often more…. and WHEN you contact the company via your mobile, they point you to their website…! Idiots!!!!

        But then, MAYBE you ARE important to those thieves, you only don’t know it (yet)…. Think hard about it 😉 (just kidding, of course).


  5. Google is also trying to launch a “new and improved’ version of G-mail. Apparently. I’ve gotten notification on my desktop computer of this, and on one tablet. I’ve declined. And I’ve gotten two blatant spam and/or malware messages in my g-mail inbox, which were NOT opened and were labelled as spam and sent off to the Google people to worry about. If your current issue is linked to Facebook (and apparently there’s a big problem with them? I wouldn’t know because I almost never watch the news), would you let us know? I’ve begun to go to FB less and less because of the negativity over there. If there’s a malware or hacker issue with them as well, I’m going to just terminate my account there. Who needs the hassle? Not you certainly! 😡


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