A DARK CLOSET – Marilyn Armstrong

I wear dark clothing. I always have and I probably always will. Almost everything I own is a dark color. Black, dark gray, charcoal, navy, brown, khaki. My closet is a mass of shadows.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Until a few days ago, I had a light. One bulb and a pull chain. Not exactly the most modern arrangement, but it beat out total darkness. I’m pretty sure the light is the original which came with the house.

2009 – The thinnest year and not my healthiest

A few days ago, the chain started to refuse to spring back up into the light so you can pull it again next time. I messed with it, but messing didn’t help. It finally stopped working entirely.

Even with a flashlight, I can’t find anything.

Probably 75% of my clothing is black or a dark enough to pass for black. A lot of my shirts — summer and winter — are black. Some of them are printed with cool sayings — like “Serendipity.” Which would help me find stuff — if everything was not all scrunched together.

Photo: Garry Armstrong –

I got rid of all my work clothing since I don’t work anymore, but somehow, the closet is still as full as it was before. Partly, this problem is because Garry puts everything on a hanger. Including my nightgowns. Tee-shirts. Yoga pants.


Everything goes on a hanger.

I have explained I don’t need my nightwear on hangers, but there is no way on earth he would even look in my chest of drawers. I don’t blame him. If I can’t find anything in the closet, can you imagine the drawers? It’s the dark pit of drawers.

Black dogs, too.

Owen says he’s going to replace the light. It’s one of those standard $5 fixtures you can buy in any hardware store.

He will fix it, but it isn’t going to help much. Before the light went out, I couldn’t find anything. More light will merely increase my frustration.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

17 thoughts on “A DARK CLOSET – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. That was indeed my theory. But surprisingly, all black isn’t the same color. Some black is bluer or more like charcoal. It depends on the fabric and the kind of material. Black woven cotton is less black than black wool, for example. So you can be surprisingly mismatched even if you are wearing the same color. But mostly, I can pass for normal. Mostly.

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  1. Black is always a good colour for trousers or winter jacket, but I like to pep it up with a contrasting blouse. I have two closets. One in the bedroom and the other in the hobby room in the cellar, so I can keep my Winter and summer stuff organised.


    1. I have one large overstuffed closet. Garry has one large overstuffed closet. I wish, when we had the chance, I’d added closets. We had GREAT closets in our condo. The closets here are pretty basic. And not nearly big enough.

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  2. Maybe I can just give you one helpful advice. As someone who’s as blind as a night-owl during the day (and night blind since childhood) I am thankful for those ‘push LED lights’ I buy in threes. I have one in every cupboard and in dark corners. You push on the top and when you let go it’s gone. They take 2 batteries and last and last and last….
    I too was going to say that black with black shouldn’t clash too harshly. And anyway, who cares? Garry? You? Your black doggies? Nah…. As long as you find the lights to go to the loo and bathroom, you’re doing OK!
    I’m lighting a candle for you to find the cord 🙂


    1. That is a really good idea. I will try it. If I fix the one lamp and add two of those, one at each end of the closet, it would help … at least a little. I was sure it was going to be nice out today (wrong), so I put on my “short pants” (NOT wearing shorts — EVEN for the dogs) and realized it is full of holes. But you can’t see them under the long tee-shirt. THAT is how carefully I dress!

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  3. 3/4 of the closes in my closet don’t fit me anymore. I’m too fat. But I refuse to give or throw them away because I have this vision that I will lose 3o pounds some day. Hmmm … I’ve had this vision for a long time.


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