I see that moronic line every time I write something — in the old, old format. “SWITCH TO THE IMPROVED EDITOR” lurks above my editing every time I work. I would make it vanish if I could.

I had no intention of writing this. I was going to put together a photo post, but there was that aggravating line again. I just started to write and didn’t stop until I finished.

Why don’t I use the new improved format?

The new editor is definitely different, but it isn’t better. It’s more difficult to use. You need more steps to accomplish simple things.

Nothing has been done to really improve the limitations of the old editing format. The terrible spacing issues that have plagued every template I’ve used during the past six years are as bad or worse as are all the problems that come with pasting text from some other piece — even if it’s from another WordPress post.

Nor have there been any improvements for editing pictures. Even simple stuff, like properly resizing a picture from native to “web sized.” Internally within the post, you are stuck using the standard font or a header. The “blockquote” function is always the wrong size.

We’re still putting bandages on your “other” improvements

Lately we’ve all been battered with WordPress’s “improvements.” You managed to cause actual injury — rare even in this industry.

So I’m here to tell you:

Change isn’t an improvement. An improvement means you’ve taken something which wasn’t working and made it better. Easier to use. More effective. Maybe with more options. 

At WordPress, improvements do exactly the opposite. You take something useful and remove a piece of its functionality. I have to assume there’s a reason for this, but I have no idea what it might be. I remember when you removed “edit” from the template and we complained. One of your “happiness engineers” actually asked why we needed an edit function?

Um, because we’re writers? Editors? Artists? Do the people who create our format use it? Do they consult people who do use it? Typically, your improvements make functions work less well than before, which I suppose makes them a dis-improvement.

I have a monumental investment in my site and am at an age where starting over is – pardon the pun – a non-starter. You might force me to quit. You may push out all your “old timers.” There is always a bill to pay when you refuse to listen to your customers. You won’t be the first major tech company to slither down that open drain.

Personally, I think you are slouching down a long, gravelly road to nowhere. Like so many formerly great platforms, the power you now hold will dwindle. I hope by the time you vanish, someone else will take over.


You don’t actually believe your improved platform is better than the one we had. Anymore than you believe changing our font sizing option from “points” to “small” “normal” or “large” improved customizing. Or eliminating our ability to create our own colors made our templates look better. Or deleting all the challenges that enabled us to form relationships with each other improved our blogging and creativity.

You’re just following orders. After all, everyone needs a job.

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  1. Let’s be frank Marilyn. The ‘improved editor’ is a piece of crap. I’m not sure why they keep promoting it.?


  2. I often am typing a comment here (and sometimes emails through yahoo) and SWEAR that it changes the words at times, and it makes me livid since 1) it’s my words, so leave them the %^&^% alone, and 2) it is really important for my brain damage to know how much I mess up or don’t, and if something ‘autocorrects’ to what it thinks I intend, then I never know to what degree I make errors.


  3. I tried the ‘new & improved’ ONCE and didn’t care for it. Stuff was moved around, didn’t work the same as before, and was a learning curve that at the time, I was unwilling to do. AND. The next day it had reverted back to the old editor and was again prompting me to ‘try the new & improved..blah blah blah..” Uh. NOooooo. Thanks. Annoying enough ONCE, but if I have to select it each and every time? Well poo to that noise..


    • The new one works, but it isn’t easier, faster, or better than the old one, so I don’t see any point in bothering. If it really WAS better, I might use it. It looks prettier, but it takes at least twice as many actions to do the same thing as the old one — without fixing any existing old problems.


  4. BRAVO!! <- Yes, that was a shout for you. That "new & improved" editor is complete garbage!


    • Mostly, it is more complicated without being better. I’m really not that engaged with the way an interface looks.

      How ARE you? It has been a long time since I heard from you! I thought you’d given up blogging.

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      • Yes, it is more complicated without any improvement – kind of like common-core-math they’re teaching youngsters in schools today.

        Been so busy since the ceiling flood last year. Hubby had another heart stent, and back surgery. It was such a stressful year.

        I’ve been working on the home reparations by myself. It is slow work due to back and neck pains which cause me to have many ‘days off’ to rest and heal.

        I finally have all the popcorn scraped from the living room vaulted ceiling but still need to clean off the beams. I fell off the ladder once, so hubby bought a scaffold for me. Will be using that when the weather gets too darn hot to do yard work. I’ll be spending those hot days indoors, working on these repairs.

        I have to catch up with what you’ve been up to. How are you and Gary? So glad to hear from you and see that you are still blogging away!


  5. New doesn’t necessarily mean improved. I’m a big conspiracy theorist. I think they muck around with WP so that the few remaining people who don’t pay for their site are moved to take the next step. (Follow the money)


  6. I mostly use the old editor, although I think WP may have been mucking around with that too. Sometimes it’s really difficult to get anything done on WP, no matter which editor you’re trying to use.


  7. I’m too scared to try it in case I can’t go back to the one I’ve been using since I started with WordPress.
    Bee bee boop hang…


    • If you open it in a separate tab, you can try it and see. I don’t find it easier AND they never fixed any of the very real issues they have. Besides, I have the instructions for going back to the old format. I saved it. And I’ve needed it several times … like each time I have to restore the operating system for some reason or other.

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  8. I still mostly use the old one and prefer it but Naomi, who has only been blogging for a year, learned on the new one so sometimes I have to switch into it when she’s having a problem so I can get an idea of how things look to her. As we live 140kms from each other I’ve had to try and help her learn to do tags, categories etc by email, messaging and phone as when we do meet we have other things to do. I personally find it harder to find those functions in the new editor but I manage. Naomi would probably find it hard to get used to the old one so I haven’t tried to explain the fix we used to her.
    I have answered comments on my phone if I’m away from home but how anyone could bear to write 500 words that way I can’t imagine.


  9. I almost exclusively use my iPhone to write and publish my posts and to read and comment on other’s posts, so the only editor I can use is the one that comes with the WordPress app for iOS. I have a few issues with it, but for the most part, it gets the job done. But then again, I generally include only one image in my posts and I place it at the top, before my text. And otherwise, my needs are pretty basic. Hopefully WordPress won’t be rolling out any new “improvements” to its iOS app that will cause me to eat my words.

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  10. I at first also rejected the new editor, but decided to give it a chance and I must admit it works for me. I have my photos on an external platform and have never had problems with inserting them

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    • I have a lot of problems using it with photographs and difficulties with spacing. There are also functions I use that are very hard to find. I use it on the Mac because I’ve been too lazy to change it, but they’ve made a lot of things that used to be easy to “fine tune” more difficult or just clumsier. I wish they would actually FIX something … like the spacing and the ability to resize a picture … and return the comments back to when you could add italics and bold. Mostly, I find it’s harder to do everything on it than it is to do the same thing in the old format, which is why I don’t use it. If it made anything easier, I would use it.

      Long ago, I was hoping they would improve the text editing capabilities. Now, I merely hope they don’t make them worse.


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