Purple is the color of half the stuff leftover for clearance sales! Enter the annual purple sweater of the year.

It really is. Orange and purple. I know because during the poorest years of my life, those were the colors of all my shirts and sweaters. They were the only things left in my size. Eggplant, aubergine, pumpkin … whatever it was called, it was orange and purple.

I’ve always like dark purples and sometimes, the more lavender or red-violet purples, but there have been a few that were just a bit overly intense for my neutral mind to fully grasp. Orange is an okay contrast color if the rest of what I’m wearing is dark brown or black, but other than as a nightgown, I have a little more trouble with orange.

To wear that is. I absolutely love it as a Jack O’Lantern!

Purple is the color of the Mayflower, the classic iris, lilacs (sometimes more lavender, but close enough), and the spots that float across my eyes if I look into the sun for a moment.

For a brief few days, I vaguely contemplated dying my hair purple, but fortunately, no one shared my enthusiasm for the project and it died off on its own.


Let me add just a little nostalgia for long ago years when drugs were fun. Not something you took to make the pain in your back ease away. Not only was this quite the song of a generation (to be fair, it was not one of my favorites; I was more “Judy Collins” than “Jimi Hendrix”), but look how young they are! My granddaughter is older. I was that young too, but it’s hard to remember. Fifty years have passed. Fifty.

Purple Haze! Not just a song, but a crazy, mad state-of-mind … for about 12 hours with a residual fade of four more, give or take a couple. Oh, those really were the daze.

11 thoughts on “RDP #7 – PURPLE FLOWERS, PURPLE HAIR, PURPLE HAZE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Purple is much more “in” as a color these past few decades. It’s become the new pink for girls. And on the subject of purple, I heard yesterday would’ve been Prince’s (As in the artist) 60th birthday…


    • I was trying to get my granddaughter to do it. She knows how. She never became a hairdresser, but studied. But it’s hard to get her to do anything and I don’t trust the local hairdressers. I’ve been mangled too often and I can’t go through the torture of my hair again.

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  2. Purple is or was one of my colours. I could easily have a purple rinse on my grey golden oldie head, am thinking about it. No Mr. Swiss is not thinking about it, although I would have nothing against him colouring his hair (if he finds it).


    • I was afraid my hair would come out pink or orange. I’ve had it go totally carrot before. There is, under the white, apparently quite a lot of red and it shows up at the strangest times. So I finally gave up. But I thought it would look cool, especially if it were as highlights.

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  3. lol Marilyn. I never did post the pictures, but in December I dyed my hair lavender. It looked awesome! I just might do it again. It was fun. In the end it went pink, which I didn’t like, but it was fun all the same. It’s always been a favourite colour for me. And those pictures of lilacs so lovely (though I’m allergic) I can enjoy from the safe distance of a photograph 🙂 Yes, time marches on. My son and I were discussing that yesterday, 30 years ago today! OMG where’d the time go?! Especially when HE can recall 30 years ago today. OMG when did he get old? I didn’t! That was my favourite saying forever. roflma, it doesn’t quite work now though since they both can agree with shocked awe! lol. ok, now I feel old! haha Must stop there!


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