Placating the furry friends

They want food. It doesn’t matter if they are hungry. It doesn’t matter if they consumed an entire meal a minute and a half before. They figure if we are in or even near (which is to say, on our feet and moving) the kitchen, they want something. Anything. Literally anything — except pickles. It’s the only food they won’t eat, even on a bet.  Note to self: Buy more pickles.


Why? It’s probably our fault. They are absolutely sure that any movement on our part indicates a treat in the works. It can be a big treat — “That leftover half sandwich would work for me,” says The Duke — or a little crunchy, tasteless thing from a big jar of little crunchy tasteless things.

Recently on Amazon, I found a version of tasteless crunchies from Milkbone that declare them to be “the guilt-free” treat for over-treaters.

I think we are probably over-treaters. We are easily guilted. A stern look from eager dogs makes us sad. We feel, after all, that can get anything we want from the fridge or cupboard, but our poor pathetic (beefy, overweight) dogs depend on us.


So as soon as we finish up the approximately 20 pounds of stuff already bought and in closets, I’m going for the guilt-free stuff. Really, they are only big boxes of very small biscuits and we probably will wind up giving them two or three of them, even though I know for a fact that it’s the idea that counts with dogs. They really don’t notice if it’s a big lumpy thing or a tiny little thing. It’s all about the concept.


I had never realized how much guilt dogs could stir in a human heart. I think I had the same problem with cats if I remember correctly.

I have toughed it out with the plants, though. I do not water them no matter how much I want to.  At least plants don’t bark or meow at me if I don’t water them.

They merely wilt. Frankly, I find that difficult enough.

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  1. My cats do the same things on my nights off. When I’m working, they get fed when I come home at 7:15 and after I wake up at 8:15. But when I’m off, and I’m home and awake during the hours before they’d normally get fed, that’s when I have to put up with the begging… and the following me around, sure that I’m going to give in and give them another can of food three hours before they’d normally get it. I’m tough with them. I’m a sucker for a cute face, but well-to-do beggars like my cats get little sympathy from me. The poor babies….


  2. I think Duke has put on some weight.


  3. Our dog and our cat are the same. They believe that the only reason for us to stand up is so we can feed them or give them a treat. We gladly oblige.


    • Our problem is as they get older, they really can’t handle that much food, so if we want to keep them moderately healthy, a little overweight, well, okay, but hugely obese? Not really. But it’s hard. Garry’s gotten much better about it. He, like Pharoh, has hardened his heart.

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  4. A wilting plant usually makes me feel more guilty than a treatless dog. Cindy is part lab so of course she would eat anything you put in front of her, well almost. I haven’t tried pickles because I don’t like them. If I feed her from my plate I only give her a miniscule amount as like you said it is more about the idea of the treat than the size. I tell myself that it is unlikely that Cindy would share her food with me so I shouldn’t feel I have to give her something but I usually do anyway.


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