And the word of the day is DEBONAIR!

My husband used to be the best dresser in Boston. He spent a fortune on clothing. He loved looking good. His father was a tailor and for him, a suit that fit perfectly was like a hot sports car — and he had one of them, too. Did I mention his 1969 hot orange convertible Challenger? He actually had a matching wristwatch — gold with an orange background. That’s what he was showing Tip O’Neill in this now almost-famous photograph.

Garry wanted to be debonair. Like Cary Grant. He loved the way Cary Grant wore clothing and over time, Garry became quite a clothes-horse. You’d never know it from his stretchy pants these days, but in his time, he was quite the dresser. He still irons a crease in his jeans because they need that crease or they don’t look right.

Except he almost never wears jeans anymore. He is retired and so is his wardrobe. But he keeps a few things because every now and then, he has to stand in front of an audience and look good.

He looks good!

Recently – Photo: Garry Armstrong

I always felt slightly underdressed in his company — even when he was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt. Even my father — who rarely noticed anything other than himself (a consummate narcissist) — remarked that Garry looked better dressed in a grungy pair of shorts and shirt than most people looked in a tuxedo.

It was hard for me to live up to that, but Garry was a big help to me in finding clothing that looked good on me. He had an eye for drape and line. Even our granddaughter wouldn’t go shopping for a prom dress without his help. That is something!

At Broadcasting Hall Of Fame, September 2013

He never managed to help Owen much, though, but Owen was allergic to nice clothing. Greasy jeans and tee shirts with holes were his thing from very early on. Clothing that didn’t have paint stains on them wasn’t worth wearing. I guess that’s the flip side of debonair? Anti-debonair?

These days, it’s all about comfort. Elastic. I warned him, though. Once you discover elastic, you’ll never go back. it’s true. After you have learned to love stretch, nothing else feels right.

Yoga pants forever!

34 thoughts on “DEBONAIR – IT’S A HARD ACT TO LIVE UP TO! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Looking dapper, Garry! I like the blue and yellow tie a lot. And I always think that any man looks great in well cut clothes. Much easier than for women. When my son was in high school and he and his friends were a little too skinny or a little too chubby, like boys can be at 16, I always found them handsome when they dressed up for a concert or a school dance. A nice suit and a tie. And a clean pair of shoes. Here comes a new boy or man.


    • Garry was always such an elegant dresser. He still can be, when it matters. There was a time when both of us owned multiple pieces of formal dress wear. Even ME. Imagine that. These days, it’s hard for me to imagine owning the clothing (I wish I’d saved it and I don’t know why I didn’t) — or standing on those high heels. I think men have an easier time because their shoes don’t hurt. I remember my wedding and thinking they were going to have to cut me out of my shoes 🙂

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      • We always feel better in a good outfit. I’m not obsessed with fashion and I’ve never been. But I like to put a nice dress or pants and tops when going out.
        I chose simple for my wedding since it was in the country. That made it easy for the shoes:)


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