I’ve given up trying to make sense out of anything anymore. After over a year living in the waking nightmare that is our current government, I thought nothing could surprise me anymore.

Do I know what SCROTUS is going to do tomorrow? What he’s going to do in the next hour? Hell no. I gave up on trying to figure that out a long time ago. You can’t figure out what a crazy person is going to do. That’s what makes them crazy.

Our cheese-headed-so-called president has pissed off a lot of people. 60 to 75 percent of Americans. Pretty much all of Mexico. His new US Ambassador to Germany pissed them off so much his first day on the job they’re threatening to throw him out. For the last year, there’s been constant talk about rage fatigue. We can’t keep up this level of anger.

I’m not worried about that. No matter how mad you get at what he did today, I guarantee you he’ll come up with something tomorrow that will shoot your blood pressure right back up to 11.

But last week, the idiot-in-chief did something unbelievable. Even for him.

He pissed off Canada.

Think about that for a second. HE PISSED OFF CANADA!

I didn’t know that was possible! I mean, we’re talking about Canada! The country whose worst stereotype is that they’re all incredibly polite and they apologize for everything. Hell, they apologize for apologizing!

CANADIAN: Hey, sorry about that, eh?

AMERICAN: You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to apologize.

CANADIAN: Oh, I see, sorry.

This moron goes to the G7 summit, called the G6 + 1 by all the other members. And insults everyone. He then threatens them with more tariffs if they don’t do everything he tells them to do.

His excuse for doing this to Canada, Europe, and Japan?  Our allies? An obscure rule in the trade agreement that says the President can impose tariffs on a country if it’s a “threat to our national security.”

Not surprisingly, everybody, especially Canada went “WTF!! We’re a threat to your national security?? We fought with you in two World Wars for Christ’s sake!”

What was his reply? “Well, didn’t you guys burn down the White House?” referring to the burning of the White House during the War of 1812. Which is when the British burned down the White House. When Canada wasn’t even a country!  Then, he leaves the summit early, in a huff. After he left, Justin Trudeau gave a press conference where he basically told the US president to go fuck himself.

He did it in the most polite way possible. He said, “I know we have a reputation for being polite, but we won’t be pushed around.”

He didn’t apologize for the statement! The media and the world were shocked. If we translate what he said into American it would be something like this. “WTF! You want to start a trade war with us!? FUCK YOU, you Goddamn moron! You think you can fuck with us? Oh, hell no! Oh, and sorry about the foul language.”

There’s a great picture that Angela Merkel released. It sums up the whole meeting. It looks like it should be a Rockwell painting.

You need to go to your room and think about what you did!

I’ve realized that we Americans have to stand up, take responsibility and do something about this. We have to apologize to Canada.  We need to start a movement. Use Twitter, Facebook, email, Instagram. I don’t care.

Each of us needs to say “Canada. I’m sorry. We all know this guy’s a fucking moron. He’s embarrassing all of us. Our bad.”

If you don’t have a social media account, just send Canada an “I’m sorry” greeting card. You can find them in any drug store.

The majority of us didn’t vote for the asshole

And while we’re at it, we also need to apologize to France, England, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Who am I kidding? Except for China, Russia and now, North Korea, we have to apologize to everyone.

We are sorry, World.

We’re working on fixing this next November.


  1. He prefers to meet enthusiastically with autocratic regimes and dictators because he is dreaming to be just the same. On the other side he behaves like the megalomaniac CEO of a middle-class enterprise, a dangerous parvenu par excellence. When listening to him I get the impression that he wants to start a war with Europe while now being a friend of Kim Il Jung. When insanity and egomania start a real dangerous trip!

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  2. As someone in no way ‘related’ to the US, I just want to send out my I’M SORRY card to Canada with a copy of this post and stating that during my 2 years I lived in Ontario (ok, in another life = a really long time ago) I was met with nothing but kindness, help, acceptance and friendship; they don’t need getting pushed around.

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  3. I’m telling my Canadian born cousin to go back ‘home’. It’s insane in this country. Why would she want to stay? She has a choice. I had a conversation with one of the deluded trump-o-phites the other night. She was mewling on about how ‘misunderstood’ t-dump is, and how ‘everyone is picking on him. People should just let him do the best he can with his job.’ I (politely) asked her if she’d lost all her reason. Said that the WHOLE world basically hates us now; told her to think of Nazi, Germany in WWII; said, THAT is what America is now – to the rest of the world. That waste of skin has made everyone hate us.’ Now he’s pissed off CANADA? Oh, he’ll be remembered for that, although I sincerely hope the rest of his tom f**kery is lost in the mists of time.

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    1. @Embeecee: I (politely) asked her if she’d lost all her reason. Said that the WHOLE world basically hates us now; told her to think of Nazi, Germany in WWII; ….. HOW politely can you say that? 😉
      I also seem to remember that plenty of ppl said – after the elections in 2016 – that they would emigrate to Canada… Where are all those people? I often wondered. Would Canada let them in now?

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  4. Although I am (and I am not alone) in thinking Trudeau is a jerk of the first order, I was and am delighted he stood up and although it will hit the USA in the pocket book (and by that I mean the citizens) not the jerk in charge, I’m ok with it. Thanks for the apology, that’s always nice to hear, but you personally don’t have anything to apologize for. The cheese head on the other hand, does. Will he? Never! He’s not made of the right stuff!

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      1. LMAO it’s true! Although his manners don’t make up for him selling Canada down the toilet, which he has, and especially our province! He won’t be re-elected, that’s a given. Unfortunately the alternative is Convervatives who are exactly like trumpette!

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        1. I see your point. It’s all relative. He may be bad. We don’t know. We’re clueless. But would you want to trade leaders? You still win.


          1. You are right, unfortunately, we do. Still, I loved the article you wrote. Never thought I’d see the day…our world leaders would be this corrupt, self serving, arrogant, appalling, and a complete disaster.

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  5. Great post and I would also like to share that us Canadians know who the idiot is and feel very badly for you all during this mess. I have never felt the need to be patriotic, so the plus in all of this nightmare is the sudden patriotism I am feeling and the gratitude I feel for having a sane, grown-up running my country.
    Keep the faith- the rest of the world knows who the maniac is. 🙂

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    1. Thanks. Oddly the same thing is happening here People who never voted or ran for office are coming out in droves. Maybe a silver lining in an incrediblely dark cloud.

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