Lately, I have felt like a target. Three credit cards (all from the same bank) hacked. Lots of paperwork on fraud. A general sense that whatever I thought was “safe” before was just a myth I told myself to keep from getting crazy.

I hate this feeling. Between living under a presidency run by a madman with his finger on the nuclear buttons, hackers attacking my computer, telephone, and email scammers, and, of course, router hackers?

Do I have a target painted somewhere on me that everyone can see — except me?

We should all be able to feel at least reasonably secure in our own spaces, our homes. Our businesses. Our personal lives. We should not be waiting for the next attacker to try to lure us into danger or hack our data.

Thank you, Facebook.

You really helped the hackers and probably made a fortune doing it, too. I notice you are spending millions of dollars on advertisements which are supposed to make us “feel better” about you, but you haven’t spent a penny to help protect the people you hurt. People like me who took your hit in the first place and now wonder if anything will ever return to normal.

And most of all, thank you President Dirtbag. You have left me wondering when the next holocaust is coming to destroy what remains.

We are the TARGET.

Me. Us. Our world.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

26 thoughts on “RDP #16 : TARGET”

  1. My daughter was recently hit, had her credit cards hit, in two towns, one here one where we lived before. Fortunately the funds stolen were replaced. Having said that, I so agree. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and that’s unfortunately, the bottom line. I’m truly sorry you have been made to feel this way. You are right, we should be able to feel a modicum of safety.


    1. I’ve also had all the money replaced, but I don’t understand why there seems so little effort being made. Well, maybe they ARE trying and we just don’t see it because they don’t advertise.


      1. That’s a possibility. Scams are so massive they probably have whole departments responsible for responding to it. It’s irksome it happens at all. My daughter bought RFID pouches for each credit card. They can’t be scanned or read by someone walking by you, which is a distinct possibility these days apparently.


          1. Yes, it’s true. We lived 307 miles or 239 miles, depending on which location you wished to visit and shop when we lived in Hardy. Even though we now live in the location we came to shop, we still shop on line, amazingly it’s far far cheaper!


    1. I think the hackers are not part of our economy. They are their OWN economy. As long as we use credit, we will be targets because these guys are not going away. Right now, they are being paid by Russia, but even if NO ONE were paying them, they’d remain criminals.

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    1. It’s a scary business and we are not alone. This bizarre mindset has taken over big pieces of the world. I don’t understand it. Has everyone forgotten what happened last time? Does no one have a sense of history?

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  2. Hi, Citibank is pretty good with fraud protection.
    Our card has been used by others several times and Citi has called us about it each time.
    They cancel the charges and send us new cards, usually in one day.
    I do not work for them. ☺


    1. Comenity bank has been very good too and our own Bank of America has been very careful. I think the credit companies are the ONLY ones on the ball. Apparently, our government is completely helpless in the face of this threat. I don’t suppose they’ve been paid off, do you?


  3. You Wrote; “We should all be able to feel at least reasonably secure in our own spaces, our homes. Our businesses. Our personal lives. We should not be waiting for the next attacker to try to lure us into danger or hack our data.”

    Unfortunately the “next attacker” is already upon us.., and it’s the inhabitant of “The Oval Office,” and his gang.


    1. I think that is my point. If the credit card banks were not watching and careful, it would be a lot worse. How come our governments — around the world because this isn’t only an American issue — are so helpless? I don’t understand how they can’t get a grip on this.

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