I was wondering how well the geraniums would do on our deck since we don’t have a lot of sunshine. Answer? Fine, thank you. I grew geraniums like this in Israel in full and incredibly hot sun … and they will also grow here, in dappled shade.

I guess you can grow these pretty much anywhere. I haven’t tried growing them inside and I suspect that probably wouldn’t work out. But you never know.

The whole plant on one of our sunny days

Macro time!

Not the favorite flower for bees. They prefer the begonia and the wildflowers in the front garden.

17 thoughts on “GERANIUMS WILL GROW ANYWHERE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. My favorite of all times. One of my daughters calls me the Queen of Potted Geraniums. But in the recent years I’ve lost some. They are quite resilient but favor milder climates. Not too much rain, not too much heat and definitely no freeze. But I still love them above many potted plants. And they are gorgeous when hung in baskets. Yours are very pretty.


    • Mine are healthy in a leafy way, but they aren’t making flowers. I suspect not enough sun. But the chilly nights may have damaged them too. We’ve had warm days, but it has been dropping into the low 50s at night … a bit low for these particular geraniums.


  2. They don’t do so hot inside, ALTHOUGH my parents always had some. I have two, bought last summer, and when it got cold, I brought ’em inside. I’m not sure why they didn’t thrive, but by this spring, they were gangly, no blooms, and sort of sad looking. Since you have as vicious, if not more so, winters than we do, what do you do with them when it gets cold? Cut ’em back and leave them out there? Put them in a shed or garage? I’m interested in knowing..


    • I trash them. I don’t have anywhere to keep them inside. What little light we have is taken by the plants I’ve got. I leave them out as long as they can stay alive and then I let them die.


  3. So pretty with the variegated petals….I tried something new this year. It a Osteospermum and has a blue and white flower much like a chrysanthemum. In some warmer climates it’s a perennial – probably an annual here.


  4. Beautiful Shots Marilyn! 🙂

    My white and pink highlighted ones are not in flower now (were last month) but my bright red ones with a white centre are blooming like crazy – it is Mid-Winter’s day here today. We have our gas heater on now and it is early afternoon. 🙂

    They certainly love our heat – but seem pretty happy with our ‘cold’ too! ( Not that thta matches yours of course) 🙂


  5. In So Cal, these are perennials. You can imagine my surprise when a friend showed up in Seattle with a van-load of 2″ pots of geraniums for people who thought they were annuals! They sold them for $1 each (in 1960 or so), and made quite a haul!


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